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  1. The link I posted is also to the English version on the PdF site. Just in case, here's a link to the French version.
  2. Parachutes de France has issued a service bulletin mandating a similar change to the CYPRES cutter location as Mirage before and Next recently: PdF Atom service bulletin
  3. There is a zip file on, but the filename contains a #-character that breaks the link. Try this link instead:
  4. So now jumpers just need to declare that they are avoiding the possible emergency situation of 'unstable reserve deployment', and they can disconnect the RSL at will. Right?
  5. What's the point of taking the suit off my rig just to do a hop'n'pop? Or, rather, a hop'n'fly for 30 seconds or so 'n'pop.
  6. Judging from the marks left on the snow you were not gliding very well. This suggests that: 1) the Blade glides like brick 2) It doesn't matter as the fallrate seems to be amazingly low. That might make flocking with other suits slightly difficult, though.
  7. There is a way of misrouting your bridle with a pull-out system(see attachment) that you can only do when packing left-right. This could cause a hard or impossible pull. A similar misrouting can theoretically cause a pc-in-tow on a throw-out system, but I think the chances of that happening are fairly slim. Also right-left seems to keep the bridle tighter(more secure) under the right-hand flap, which may be a good thing on rigs that don't pack very tight.
  8. According to my GPS data, corrected for wind as best as I could, on a good day I can do 1.6-1.7 in my GTi, typically 1.4-1.5.
  9. Priceless. Looks like they read the wingsuit forum. The website now says: like I suggested...
  10. Likewise. The same with all the Sigmas I've packed.
  11. I had a minor issue with the carabiners. I was going up in a C206 to try the suit, and the legstrap of the person sitting in front of me got caught in the carabiner. No big deal, I noticed it when he was getting up before jump run and un-clipped the carabiner. It took a while but there was no damage to the strap or anything.
  12. Sure they do. The smaller the rings, the larger the forces. Of course, compared to the difference hard housings make the size and type of the rings may not make much difference. Here is a chart on 3-ring loads and pull forces that I compiled from information available on the RWS and Aerodyne websites.
  13. I chopped one. I double wrapped a locking stow even though it had been made clear to me that doing that would be a bad idea. The rubber band did break - eventually. By that time the bag had been spinning at the end of the lines for a second or two and the canopy that came out was definitely not "square, symmetrical and steerable". I don't double wrap locking stows, but I will double wrap non-locking stows if small rubbler bands are not available.
  14. Some people call it "line dump" which is actually a related phenomenon but not quite the same. The way I see it: Line dump: All lines deploy simultaneously Bag strip: D-bag opens and canopy starts to deploy before line stretch
  15. It is made by Performance Variable in Germany. It's a very straightforward 9-cell zp canopy with a rectangular planform. I've jumped it once or twice and it opened hard, but that of course may have been bad packing.
  16. Right, should've included this in the original post:
  17. It should've been a "multiple answers allowed" poll. I would've picked the last three. Yes, it's there just to "Cover Your Ass". Yes, I don't like to think about it much. Death continues to suck. Yes, I know bad things can and do happen to people I know. It seems to me that there are always skydivers who do think that jumping is safe. They are generally the people whose DZ hasn't had a serious incident for as long as they've been jumping. When bad things happen to people you know it really makes the possible consequences much more real. Zenister: Here are the Instructions if you need to brush up a bit...
  18. How new? Legend-R? The manual for my Legend(2002) has the bridle coming out from the bottom.
  19. Getting the riser covers to stay closed on older Atoms is tricky even when the reserve is the right size. Bulk distribution in the reserve packjob is critical; the "ears" of the molar bag must be left practically empty. If the top part of the finished packjob(the molar "ears") doesn't feel very soft compared to the rest of the packjob, the flaps will have trouble staying closed. Also if your risers have anything else but the original Atom toggle system(which has very low bulk) that will contribute to the problem. Have another rigger take a look at your rig, preferrably one that has lots of experience with Atoms. With a reserve that's too big, you may be out of luck in any case.
  20. The Wolmari-pack has been used for years and I've never heard of any ill effects. I now always pack tandems using that method. With my sports rig I sometimes use the Wolmari, and sometimes the traditional method, depending on my mood.