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  1. hi, here is my latest VFS video. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Hey guys, check out this sweet VRW movie
  3. Wow very nice pictures. I love the variety of your shots. Especially the close frame, you really captured the vibe of the flyers there. Keep up the good work.
  4. tunnel wages are usually less than what it should be considering you're doing 2 jobs: customer service-sales and instructing.
  5. Here's our latest video of VRW training at SVMTL.
  6. oui oui! And who knows, maybe the students will surpass the master one day! ;) But I don't se that time coming soon :)
  7. No it was Brian Wilson. The resident T4 at Skyventure Montreal! Great guy and even greater flyer!
  8. mm Hard to tell. 3 of us have been working as instructor since mi-april 09 but im guessing between 8 and 12 hrs of actual flight time.
  9. HI, Here's a movie for y'all to enjoy. Filmed at Skyventure Montreal.
  10. From what I saw in pictures and videos, this tunnel also has a very cool looking interior design and layouts. It has a nice ''chill room'' feel with couches scaterred around and hard wood floors.
  11. From zero tunnel time to flying off the net head down in 1 hour? You must have some amazingly talented flyers. mmm no sorry I meant from the time they're ready to start HD. So first time on the net to lifting in control.
  12. It took me around 40 min of fooling around on the net before lifting but being an instructor I guess it doesnt count I gues the normal time is between 1 and 3 hours depending how talented the flyer is.