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  1. Thanks for the info. didnt know that canopy was the involved
  2. First off i'm not a dickhead. I sent you a PM today. Id like to call you a bad name but I wont because its not my standard to do so. Im not on dropzone 24 7 like yourself. And I sent you a kind reply before you posted this which I found after replying to your pm as thats what was what I saw on my account first. I am unable to edit it. Have a moderator remove the link or if you know how to remove it let me know. Its one of the primary videos on youtube under canopy collapse anyhow. Like I said I was unaware it was a fatal incident and would gladly remove the link. Ive seen you jump to conclusions like this with others, your assuming I knew this, really? If you PM someone give them at least 24 hours to respond and dont assume unless you know someone. It hasnt even been barely 12 hours since I posted this. I feel very terrible for the family. I have seen alot of death in my job as its part of it and Id think you should know id be the first not to post something unless its valuable for teaching. If you were to have an emergency id treat you just like i would treat a family member even if you were my worst enemy as a respect to you and your family. Do no harm is the moto in paramedicine and firefighting. Try doing the same for others. My ego is aside and I hope you can appologize like a real man in a pm not on here. You are really a piece of work and I cant wait to meet you someday to shake your hand and tell you that. Thats for all the new people that ive seen you obliterate on forums vs educate properly, there is a time and a place for that, aka a pm or in person away form their peers not on the forums. Theres always time you change views and attitudes. Everyone is constantly evaluating eachother. Ive never met you who do you think you are? Your real tough to everyone online. All i started this post for was for like you said to discuss canoply collapses seriously. Video is only a reference. now like I said in the PM if you know how to remove the link I will gladly. Feel Free to tell me how vs assume and be a hipocrit
  3. We can't always see dust devils and erratic winds that cause our canopies to collapse. Sometimes we can. With the recent canopy collapse incident in california I'd like to use this post for everyone to share any near misses they have had and discuss how they reacted during such incidents to expand the knowledge base of our all of our jumpers especially newer jumpers. As we all know its a possible risk that we assume but 90% of the time the weather is telling us that these events may happen, Ie radical changes in winds and direction of the winds, and relative humidity. For the times it doesn't hopefully we can gain some knowledge. Personally Ive only had one partial collapse and that was in a dust devil but well before approach to final. I was flying in half brakes back from a long spot and as soon as it happened i slowly let up the toggles after a 180ish turn to the right I regained stabilty and the jump was unremarkable after. Below is a url to a collapse on approach to final from youtube. The pilot is a bit low and coming out on her/his toggles when the collapse happens. My feeling through research books and videos is that the canopy is much more prone to collapse when already flying in a low speed where pressure in the cells is much lower than at full flight. Though it can still happen at full flight the chances are much less likely. Just a reminder as to why we should be able to fly our canopies at full speed while landing as well as in all other conditions when flying before downsizing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfK5OuurnpY
  4. looks pretty awesome. Theyre testing another canopy woth different style crossbracing from what i understand too. it would make a 7cell a 35 and a 9 cell 45 from what ive heard. What will the future bring next?? gotta love r and d
  5. We allow the first jumper down to set the pattern so we do not end up landing downwind in 15knot winds beacuse the wind changed when we were on our way to altitude. yes planing your jump start to finish before flight is great but variables are ever changing and landing dowwnwind because it was into the wind before flight is stupid and ignorant and asking for an injury unless you practice this all the time. the average jumper does not. Light and variable stick to your plan if your setting the pattern. If not follow the pattern California specifically southwestern califronia (Perris and elsinore) like most other areas in the world im sure are vulnerable to changing winds due to changes in the atmosphere and temperature. This is yet another reason to analyze this after opening and clearing airspace. Off topic but many wildland firefighers become entraped and die due to a lack of change in winds or temperature, skydivers the same. From the time you exit to the time you deploy and land you need to account for other jumpers in your group and around you. Once your under canopy there is no reason in the world you can not look around you and below you and check the winds, watch the landing patern and follow it while watching for other canopies. And if your setting the landing patern know others above you should be following your pattern period or landing elsewhere (so lets not intentionally downwind people in the main area when setting the pattern) Im tired of this "well he went downwind so I set the pattern right BS". I have lost friends as a result of this and its preventable. If you cant follow a pattern land elsewhere and if there isnt elsewhere for you to land because you cant follow the pattern you shouldnt be jumpingA little opinonated, yes... but lets open our eyes our parchute does more then just open and take us to the ground, we control it not the DZO or management
  6. I owuld have to agree on the bottom line. and critiques would be a better word
  7. Oh and jump 200ish on a sabre 2 150 loading at 1.3 1.4ish. 180 degree turn about 30 to 50 feet lower then normal. Went to rears thinking I had enough time to level it out vs using the toggles. Thankfully only scrapes on ankles and kness and some strained muscles in my lower back after bouncing the lower half of my body like a sheet of plywood bowing and landing 30ft later. Lots of coaching as im not unbreakable and much more conservative, no incidents since then
  8. " The pimp hand is powdered up ... say something stupid " Love it!
  9. "Most of all dont let people who don't swoop criticize you" I would have to agree to your response if that was the case and someone said that to you. No where in my post before this did I say "people who dont swoop get scared of your landings and tell you about it". If i did and i said to ignore them then i would understand your comment. Get coaching from someone experienced in the discipline your working on not someone else who doesnt swoop is the point im trying to make when I said that. should have phrased it better apparently Also i am refering to people commenting on him asking a valid question that deserves a response that may prevent him from coming in while he is waiting for his ditter to beep. Although my opinion is he sould talk to a expert canopy pilot at his DZ not people on DZ.com for swooping advice as this is definetly not the place to be learning that. Nope of us know everything. And im pretty sure I mentioned the not having an ego thing in my post There are the people with 4000+ jumps that stand by there opinon of swooping is dangerous because they dont and that you should not do that because thats how they feel. Swooping is a choice and risk the person doing it makes not someone else. Ive seen alot of people with alot of jumps that are still shitty pilots. My end point I was trying to get across to the original poster f94sbu is that currency, piloting skills, and many other factors will keep you as safe as you can be, not a ditter beeping when you finishing your turn. Talk to an expert pilot at your dz. my 2cents
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  11. Having a initiation point for your turns, ie starting a 270 at 700ft, a 90 at 500ft and having two points before that at different altitudes will allow you to have your setup and initiation where you want with the least deviation. If your to close to your initiation point you can angle outwards around your points on the way there and if your to close you can cut them to make up distance to your initiation point without losing altitude needed for your setup. By doing this you should never turn low Always use your eyes! Your audible and visual are tools to aid them and help you. Start your turns high until you have consistent turns then move them down to a lower altitude bit by bit until your consistently coming out where you want to be. Most of all dont let people who don't swoop criticize you ie some people who use a canopy only to get to the ground after a jump though they can be a good source of some knowledge. They should not be criticizing you for asking for something they have no interest or dont wish to do. And no one should criticize you for a good question that will aid you and make you safer in swooping. Take a canopy piloting course and learn at your own pace. Most of all don't let your ego as we all have one especially in our community hurt you. have an out and if your in doubt use it. most of all if your lower than normal or have doubt dont swoop your canopy weather a velo 74 or crossfire 150 can be landed straight in. I know I dont know it all but this is a few things I have learned since ive sarted jumping and seen friends hurt themselves. Blue skies and have fun!
  12. Any preference between the JVX Vs Velo? Recovery arc, overall distance of the swoop from gate entry to the end of your swoop? Which canopy do you like more?? Sorry to throw off the thread a bit but looking for more info on the two before buying one and going away from a XAOS Thanks