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  1. cam

    Skydiving as a Single parent

    what do you mean by 'can'? if it's just the logistics - well, you need a dedicated babysitter, either on or off the dz. I have taken my son (now 3) with me, and he absolutely loves it. if it's the ethics of what will happen to your child if you die or are seriously injured, well it's obviously a person thing. how good is your life insurance? how good are the people who would look after child if you are not there? I've wrestled with this for 3 years, and gone both ways. currently 'off' jumping after another crash involving the jump pilot, and I just can't kid myself about aviation safety in the region I live in. your situation may be different.
  2. god. why is it the best who die before they should? I never knew Tonto, but know the world is a sadder, poorer place without him. he left a very strong impression.. as a skydiver, as a man, as a human being. may the values he lived by be taken up by those he inspired.
  3. cam

    Kuala Lumpur

    I went there in May this year - hadn't been in a tunnel before, so no basis for comparison.. they let me try to freefly, tho I kind of sucked in my attempts, and stuck to my belly most of the time. I think some people manage to sitfly ok, but a baggy suit would defintely help. I have a feeling that even max power was not great.. but that could be my lack of experience with tunnels. in short - if you explain yourself and show that you can fly on your belly, I would think they would let you try. they are nice guys, too bad it's in the most revolting place (the casino building and "fun" park were about the grottiest things I have seen in years). but it's only an hour or so from KL - definitely worth a visit.
  4. for Southeast Asia-area skydivers there is a chance to jump in Segamat, Malaysia on 3-4 February. As anyone in the region will know, the civilian skydiving scene has been very difficult for the last few years - with luck and support this marks the return of some regular jumping in the region. the aircraft will be an Mi- 8, jump altitude 10,000 ft minimum. registration is free, but contact Richard Chee on swoop1338 [at] to let him know your name, passport number and phone number.. or to ask questions. Other details: >> >>Segamat is in Johor, Malaysia. It is 2 hours by car, 4 hours by >>train and 3 hours by bus from Singapore. It is 2.5hrs by car, 3 >>hours by train and 3 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur. >> >>Accomodation can be arrange either at the golf club (where the DZ is >>located) or at the heart of the town (about 5- mins drive away by >>taxi). Room rates are RM40 for the former or RM60 for the latter. >>Exchange rate is USD$1- RM3.5. >> >>Jump tickets will be priced as follows; >>1. USD$40/ pax with 20 skydivers, >>2. USD$35/ pax with 25 skydivers, >>3. USD$30/ pax with 30 skydivers, >>4. USD$28/ pax with more than 30 skydivers. >> .
  5. cam

    Why zero liability?

    sorry if this was already answered - I didn't read the whole thread. to answer NWFlyer's question about NZ, it is because there is no right to sue for personal damages for anything. Legislation in the 1970s (I think it was then) took away the right to sue in exchange for a 'no fault' accident compensation scheme. the system worked really well, tho I think much later it ran into some problems with being under-funded, so pay-outs to cover long-term injuries were rather low. but overall it is really efficient and avoids all the waste of law suits etc. I don't think it made NZers negligent or uncaring either..
  6. cam

    Babies and Skydiving?

    I don't normally post but this thread kind of stuck in my head. to the OP: you can have your baby and skydive, but I suspect that for a baby to grow up happy and secure s/he will take over your life.. and that can be a wonderful thing. but it takes planning, support, energy and probably luck. yeah, all the 'big' things like life insurance and alternative carers need to be sorted out, but they need to be done whether you skydive or not. as for the practicalities of taking a baby to the dz: it can be done. I took my son to the dz when he was 8 weeks old, and it worked out wel for both of us. but it is not like jumping without a baby. babies have needs for frequent feeding and sleep, so a day at the dz is really only fair to the baby if there is a quiet place for doing both. and you need supportive friends and a friendly dz. since my son was born I have only made a couple of jumps a day each time. definitely worth it but now that he is older, having a full-time carer so that I can get more jumps in is a better option for me. to those who consider the dz to be an adult playground.. well, I guess I was like you until quite recently. your call. god knows the last thing I'd want to do is leave my baby with anyone who was not happy to hold him. but perhaps you could consider this: what happens when parents with babies don't feel welcome to take them out and about? there are so many places where it truly is not appropriate to take a baby (movies, theatre, concerts, bars, most parties..). but the dz? come on, it is not a concert hall. how does it stop you jumping if I am sitting under tree with my baby, or if my baby is in his pram watching me pack? babies are people, part of society, and they and their parents like to get of the house and pursue the activities that make life fun and worthwhile. should we be confined to 'mother and baby' coffee mornings and walking around the mall? I had a baby - I didn't suddenly acquire the urge to hang out with people with whom I had nothing in common other than having reproduced and discuss infant feeding habits. sure, anyone who doesn't like babies is not obliged to play with them, and I will take all reasonable steps to make sure my baby isn't disruptive to others. but I am beyond measure grateful to my wonderful friends who have helped me carry on with my life *with* my baby, by being ready to play with him and help out; and to the people at dropzones who, even tho they were not already friends, nonetheless made me and by baby feel welcome. you are what makes the world a more humane place, on the dz and off.
  7. cam

    Bali, 26-28 December

    Confirmed CN-235 for jumps on these days Jumping into Kuta beach, Bali and Lombok last year's boogie organized by the same ppl, same place, was great: excellent facilities and organization.. and, of course, Bali
  8. cam

    Two Out, side by side, Chop?

    thanks for the link. this is probably really obvious but I can't figure it out: why does the author say to disconnect the rsl before cutting away? since the reserve is already out (presumably loop cut by cypres), what difference is it going to make if the rsl pulls the reserve ripcord?
  9. cam

    Chest rings on a Javelin Odyssey

    might depend on your body type. I ordered a new rig recently (talonFS) with chest rings and, being pretty narrow across the back, the effect of the chest rings was to reduce the span of the chest strap (when fastened) to about 4 inches across. this was really weired and put my handles in an odd place. there were other problems with the rig so PA rebuilt but after having seen pics of me with the rig on, they advised *against* chest rings. the replacement rig is without chest rings and it fits much more normally.. But for bigger people chest rings seem to make things fit snugger.
  10. cam

    Talon3 vs. TalonFS

    anyone jump either of these have opinions? i like the look of the talon 3 more.. is the FS really much better? appreciate any input..
  11. cam

    Cypres and mobile phones

    the thread about vectors and cypres not working had a post that said it was possible a handphone made a cypres fire on the ground... is mobile phone interference a known risk? I wonder, does anyone carry a mobile when jumping? I've discovered quite a few times when i had mine in my pocket... so far no problems but... i know i could read the cypres manual. but lazy to find it
  12. cam

    New Year Jumping in Bali

    this is going to be fun ... i'm not organizing, but just to let skydivers in the region (or willing to fly to the region) know: Elevation: New Year's Bali Boogie organized by the Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia - Indonesian National Parachuting Association 29th-31st December Droppingzone: Geger Beach, Kuta Beach & Rennon Field (Den Pasar) Sorties: 3 days @ 4 sorties = 12 sorties, including 1 midnight jump on 1 Jan 2003 00.00 AM Altitude: 12,000 feet & 6,000 feet (midnight jump) Jump Ticket : US$ 10.00 Insurance: All jumpers shall hold their own Incident/Accident Insurance Coverage Midnight Jump : Rennon Field (Den Pasar); 6,000 feet, 1 January 2003 ; 00:00 AM License Req. : B License (>= 50 jumps) Tandemjump: Available (2 tandem masters)
  13. cam

    Downsizing for Lightweights

    i'm about yr weight and put 100+ jumps on a 150 before it started to feel a bit sluggish. it was my first canopy (after student rigs) but what u are comfortable with may not be the same.. a lot of ppl i know got smaller canopies with their first set of gear and were just fine... they were better canopy pilots than me
  14. cam

    AFF Pull Signal

    for my aff training in australia, closed fist was the pull signal. i think this is the case at all aussie dzs. one finger pointing was 'look yr alti' i guess being upside down, have to do the opposite...
  15. cam

    audible: epsilon

    does anyone know anything about an audible called an epsilon microhawk? reliability? durability? i know it only gives u one warning but any other info wld be good. thanks.