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    The Rig (New = $8630; asking $6100 USD) - Aerodyne Icon I4 Long container with all the extras (magnetic riser covers, soft reserve and cutaway handles, miniforce rings, all stainless steel, SKYHOOK, full articulated and cut-in laterals, and more) Built for 6'2" 200lbs, but fits a little up and way down from there. MINT CONDITION, Made in 2013 - Pilot 150 with ZPX and collapsible slider (94 jumps) - Smart reserve 150 LPV=Low Pack Volume (one cutaway; mint condition) - 24” collapsible PC with freefly handle and 12’ bridle (wingsuiting friendly) - Vigil II 2010 #18799 –Updated 28/09/2018 with new battery and controller The Helmet (New = $434; asking $350) - Cookie G3; Black; XXL; clear visor & tinted visor; comes with Contour camera side-mount; comes with Cookie Cube bag; excellent condition; no scratches of any kind The Suit (New = $350; asking $250) - Kurupee freefly suit built for same size (6'2" 200lbs) black with green stitching—excellent condition! Double fabric for increased drag, medium-tight fit for optimal freeflying, cordura-reinforced knees and butt The Camera (New = $150, asking $100) - Contour ROAM2; 1080P HD; waterproof; easiest camera in the world to use--only one sliding button on/off All in this cost me well over $10K USD and only has 94 jumps, but I am looking to sell it for $6,800 USD


    Vancouver, British Columbia - CA