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  1. Popcorn is almost done. Very anxious for the reply, if any.
  2. What does the Illinois Department of Transportation have to do with it? As if Chicago isn't in Illinois. Nice try perfesser. Are we including South Chicago?
  3. Headed up there this weekend. Hopefully I don't end up doing something illegal on your dash-cam footage
  4. And we could have had this two years ago, when the defense offered to plead guilty if the death penalty was off the table. But, no, the prosecutors had to waste all the tax payers money, dragging this out trying to get the death penalty. It totally wasn't about the DA's political career.....
  5. Jury reached a decision and it was just announced. Life without parole.
  6. Pff, I quit counting how many times I've almost been killed biking to word downtown every day.
  7. I suspect a celebrity of that magnitude would be quite a distraction sitting a trial jury. True, but he was number 27 and they already filled the jury and stopped at number 23.
  8. Showed up, but wasn't actually selected
  9. Or do what Vskydiver does and have your husband pack for you. Rewind 4+ years or so, when my boyfriend and I just started dating. I was a packer at the DZ and convinced him to come down and do a tandem with me. It was quite the trust builder when he asked who packed the parachute, and I told him it was me
  10. Speakers Corner is now like Buzzfeed "CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THE LIBERALS......."
  11. Your mistake was not packing your own gear. Thank you
  12. Now you have to add it to your profile, and update your jump numbers before stowing your toggles so everyone knows you're legit.
  13. What a dirty ole basterd! Not that there's anything wrong with it. Not that any of that sort of thing doesn't happen with a fairly high frequency behind closeted congressional GOP doors. I used to live in Illinois's 18th congressional district....can confirm...
  14. Death Penalty Possible - Jury moves on to phase 3 of theater shooting sentencing