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  1. jimp

    Greetings from Uruguay

    Talk to Martin Coronel over at Fray Bentos, who has been to Lodi a few times.
  2. jimp

    Shirley Upton (NZ)

    Sad news. Shirley was (also) very active in the Christchurch skydiving scene in the '60s. Newbies like me all looked up to her.
  3. jimp

    70's - 80's Antioch pics?

    Doesn't really qualify, since these are from '71, but somebody has to do it. Antioch 1, it's me second from right Antioch 5, Skip Stephenson under the Para Plane
  4. jimp

    From Rustenburg to Wonderboom

    Wow! All those names from long ago. Richard Charter died in an unfortunate kayak accident 5 or 6 years ago, otherwise I know about only one other of those you've listed. Silvio Stefannini was running a restaurant in Jo'burg a couple of years ago, Tonto posted about meeting him then. Those were the days of Charter's "Chain Gang" and "Hellman's Heavies", also Rod Murphy's world cups at Wonderboom and Oudtshoorn, trips around the country with Henry Dutoit's Trek team out of Westonaria. You've started me on a real nostalgia trip!
  5. http://www.cpvpara.com/inglese/centrale.html Unfortunately there's no jumping at Lido anymore.
  6. jimp

    accuracy related site

    Here you go: www.styleandaccuracy.com
  7. jimp

    Skydiving in Ecuador ?

    Have a look here: http://www.thepops.org/world/yourtoppop.php