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  1. Why would they have to jack prices if efficient, higher paid employees are bringing in more profit than inefficient, lower paid employees? Franchise Owner: "Man, I really thought that minimum wage hike to $9/hr was gonna kill us, but now we have efficient employees who can sell more and provide better service. Our profits are just as good if not better....How about we capitalize on this - lets jack the prices and blow it all to hell." I'm not following. Increasing the minimum wage does not increase the value of minimum wage labor. It increases the cost.
  2. My expectation is it will be the existing language but with the number increased. I believe it is container opening. I wonder why they didn't raise all the hard decks... This is pretty lame in my opinion, making a mandatory altitude change for everyone based on the performance of an optional piece of equipment. While I'm philosophically opposed to this, it won't affect my behavior as I always pull by 3,000' unless I have good reason to do otherwise. But when AAD firing altitudes are forced up (which I'm guessing is where this is headed), that's a different story.
  3. I'm not coming unless there are naked balloon jumps. Or at least pants off dance off [Beer]
  4. You have good taste my friend! My reply would look almost identical
  5. 1) Having a D-license makes you eligible for a PRO rating which often involves jumping at night. I think it would be a terrible idea to do a nighttime demo if you've never executed a night jump under controlled circumstances. 2) Licenses are meant to be a demonstration of proficiency. Jumping at night demonstrates that we can safely jump under severely hindered visual conditions. I agree with the sentiment that canopy proficiency is probably lacking in the USPA license requirements...but that is a separate topic. BLUF: No one NEEDS a D-license. If you don't feel up to satisfying all of the requirements, then don't. Cheers!
  6. Here are mine: 1) Not suck at belly flying 2) Get coach rating, and be a good coach 3) Lose 20 lbs. 4) High altitude jump (20,000 ft. or higher) 5) Naked jump 6) Get a 150 sqft main, with heterosexual colors 7) Get my D-license
  7. Thanks! Sounds like we are on the right track. I did see that SD Houston is moving and plans to be up and running again before we get there. Doubt we'll make it to 4 dropzones while we're there, but who knows! Cheers, -Garrett
  8. I bought a new car last year and put nothing down aside from my $3000 trade in. Putting money down on a new vehicle can be risky. If the new car is totaled, you stand to lose that down payment due to rapid depreciation.
  9. Hi! My gf and I will be visiting the Houston area 14-17 January, and are trying to decide where to jump in our limited time there. We will most likely spend at least a night in Austin as well. Been hearing good things about Spaceland, SD Houston, and SD Temple...mixed reviews about SD San Marcos. Anyone know of any events going on anywhere that weekend that might be worth checking out? All suggestions and input are welcome! And anyone who'll be around we are always looking for people to jump with
  10. Why is it that right after I look at my watch, if someone asks me the time, I check my watch again?
  11. I have not, but it's something I'm interested in too. Not 40k, but more like 30k feet... Not sure what part of the country you're in, but I know they periodically go to 30k in west tennessee, and I think also in Davis, CA. I believe the cost is something around $250-$300.
  12. Check out Skydive Greene County, OH. They say they are open all winter, call to see if they are jumping. Hell I might see you there!
  13. Why do I park my car in a driveway, but drive my car on a parkway? If a bear shits in the woods, and no one is there to smell it, does he wipe his ass? Why do I get this burning sensation every time I urinate?