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  1. Note the height of the span at this going-to-be-constructed object http://www.bridgeweb.com/news/NewsDetails.cfm?ArticleID=795[url]
  2. harri

    Camera Helmets

    I would like to add some comments to your battery discussion. If you want to get more power to your bullet camera, rising the mAh's of the battery is not the right way to go. From the mAh's one can tell for how long the batteries will last if the current drawn is known. Here, if you have 130 mA current and the capacity of the battery is 2300 mAh (milliamperehours) you'll theoretically get about 17 h 40 min working time. And with 2500 mAh you'll get 1 h 30 min more. So, 130 mA is not a big current drawn, but if you have long and thin cables supplying the power to the camera you could lose a lot of mA's there. And that's why you won't get working times like that. When getting bigger voltages (adding cells) one'll get more power with same current. It is straight: P = U*I, P=power, U = voltage, I = current. Look at the specs of your camera and get the highest voltage. I wouldn't advice going over it. Also here the cables may play a big role, the another formula is U = R*I, R = resistance (of the cable). It tells you how much of the voltage you'll lose in the cable. These were my thoughts from my very limited experience flying electric RC-planes. There, I use Li-Po (Lithium - Polymere) cells, which are a lot lighter than NiMH's. But I wouldn't use them in this case, because when short circuited (e.g. bad landing) they will explode easily. -Harri-
  3. My 105 has a power save mode. When it's not recording, it turns itself off after a couple of minutes. Don't know if this applies to your model. When using the camera as a web cam, I take the casette out and it works fine.
  4. I have seen the video. Excellent! Do you have the wingsuit flyer model in a format that could be brought into the FS2004? I'd like to have some fun flying that. Could you share the model? -Harri-
  5. Is this the video of that old 4-way? : http://www.myskyshop.com/catalog/download/Videotest/Base%20Stadion.wmv found at http://www.myskyshop.com edit:typo
  6. The Manual: http://www.docs.sony.com/release/DCRPC105.pdf page 174 The quality isn't the same with USB as it is with firewire. If you are going to edit a video, stick with firewire. If you want to use your pc105 as a webcam use the USB. VCR - from the tape to the computer CAMERA - as a webcam MEMORY - pics and video from the card to the computer -Harri- edit: added the options
  7. harri

    Smoking Pants?

    Thanks TomAiello, cpoxon, 'Smokeman'. Nice pants, nice pictures. I think I have to get back into habit of smoking, at least for one cigarette. I am going to make a pair and give them a try from a plane. Do you have your shoes inside the pants? Like in kind of booties? In the Smokeman's picture the pants are (taped?) tight at ankles. Could it be possible to get more forward 'power' that way? -Harri-
  8. harri

    Smoking Pants?

    TomAiello, you were writing about "AD's Smoking Pants" at bird-man.com's forum. As you mentioned them being "far better than the Bird-man version" and as bonus "about a tenth of the cost" you got me interested. Could you tell more about the suit/pants? Is it someones own 'homemade' invention or is it available somewhere? Any pictures? Any specs how to make a pair by myself? -Harri-
  9. How about the mini rings and the RSL? I don't want to start a RSL/noRSL -conversation again here. I have read tons of previous posts concerning RSL, and decided to have it connected still. But: One fellow jumper saw my mini rings with the RSL and said somewhat: "U have the minis and the RSL? That combination was thought to be dangerous at backtimes." That was all he remembered, didn't remember why. A great help. ;) So now, is there any potential danger here? The only thing I can come up with is that, if the ring(s) at the riser where the RSL is connected should break, I would have the reserve out and the main from the other riser with me. But that would be the case also with the bigger rings. Are the mini rings so much weaker?
  10. You may also try http://www.gofastclub.com ->Myydään There might be something, but Parasale is "the must."