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  1. I am a TI with about 250 tandems out of a 182. That is totally creepy and unnecessary. We go to 10k. I don't have them sit on my lap until 9k or higher usually (unless we are the only two in the plane and we are climbing faster than usual). I am fucking your mom right now
  2. The local FSDO where we file paperwork will actually require you to specify ground crew details in the CofA. I am fucking your mom right now
  3. So I have this very good friend who is going to Germany soon (like a few months from now). She just (like last week) got her A-license. She asked me where she should go to jump in Germany and if she would be able to with the USPA A license. I gots no idea Brah can someone please feed me some information about this so I can feed it back to her (pun intended) #yeahididnotfindanythingreliventbysearchingfirst...dicks I am fucking your mom right now
  4. There is a chart in the IRM titled "Student Skill and Knowledge Sets"(mine is the 2012-2013 version. I do not know if that is the most current or if the chart has changed since then.) The left hand column on the chart indicates the jump numbers and supervision requirements. Coach is not listed as a supervision option until 45 second delays. And at this is clarifies "S/L I until 45-sec. delays, then Coach" for the jump numbers says that this is between jumps 13-15. I attached the chart I am fucking your mom right now
  5. I have one and use it with the visor out. The visor for this helmet is a real pain in the ass. If you jump anywhere where the weather gets cold it will fog up no matter how well you breath. That being said I really like jumping with it without the visor. you get most of the protection offered from a full-face with the openness of a open-face. overall I would not recommend it over a helmet with a visor that can open and close. I am fucking your mom right now
  6. Any new word on how this is going to work as far as how much time a person can book/how much the time is going to cost (other than the cost of the cruise)? I am fucking your mom right now
  7. Use smart phone to take a picture of the doc and email that to that= 2013 fax. That is what I did and it still took a while, but I did't have to fiddle with those old timery faxy thingymajigs. I am fucking your mom right now
  8. I only read the first post in the forum, but I'm sure what I am about to say has been said already. L&B has the EXCELLENT customer support. I had an old optima that broke in half for no apparent reason. I sent it in to them asking "can it be fixed and how much will it cost me to fix it." The email reply I got was "send your return address." I sent my address to them and two weeks later I had a brand new Optima II in the mail NO CHARGE. This company BACKS their product 100% even when they should charge for repair/replacement. Hell this unit was probably 3-4 years old! L&B is the best. I am fucking your mom right now
  9. I'll speak a little as a guy who maybe put a camera on about 50ish jumps to early. (and who probably didn't seek out enough advice.) No matter how conservative you say you will be, you WILL think differently when you have a camera on your head. period. end of story. no ifs ands of butts. You may not take more risks like pulling lower or doing more crazy stunts but your focus WILL be elsewhere then it should be. There is not getting around that fact. I am fucking your mom right now
  10. go to about 56 min and there is a little explanation on the tunnel. I am fucking your mom right now
  11. "A new feature on the Quantum-class is "RipCord by iFLY", a skydiving simulator set in a recirculating indoor recreational vertical wind tunnel.[17]. Reservations for RipCord will be able to be made online in advance of the cruise. All the features of the Sports deck are complimentary, although Royal Caribbean will charge for pictures and videos taken of RipCord participants" better be sure and book your time before setting sail! Its on wikipedia so you know its true I am fucking your mom right now
  12. But seriously how hard is it to use a knife to cut a rubber band without cutting the bag. I mean.... maybe if you have the dexterity of a 3rd grader then you probably shouldn't use a knife to take care of a rubber band. I don't have knife that i carry on me so if i cant just pull it off then i use a ball point pen to get underneath it. I am fucking your mom right now
  13. Epinephrin (aka adrenalin) release from skydiving probably has little effect on your heart rate over time. It is true that excessive beta receptor stimulation on the heart will result in down-regulation, however, in skydiving we also have a large increase in cortisol. IE epi may try to down-regulate the receptors but cortisol is going to bring them back. Additionally it is not likely that the short bursts of epi you get from skydiving would be long term enough to even cause this down-regulation even without taking cortisol into account. I would take a much more long-term type disorder to really get a significant down regulation here. In this persons dissertation ( )a distinction was made between cortisol levels in up-jumpers and 1st timers. The 1st timers had increased cortisol levles a lot longer throughout the days. What this means to us is after skydiving a lot our brains stop thinking of it as super duper stressful and dangerous, and thus we don't release as much cortisol. Since the stimulation of EPI is similar to this I would also expect that we don't release as much EPI either. Just because you have unhealthy life habits does not mean you will actually be unhealthy. Everyone's body responds differently to crap food. These behaviors just give you a higher risk of being unhealthy. So in terms of heart rate (which I presume you are then correlating to blood pressure or other health indicators) and the effect of skydiving: Other lifestyle choices likely have a much more to do with your heart rate than skydiving. Hell if EPI could make my heart work better I would be running to the doc for a standing epipen prescription. That being said there is no doubt that skydiving is hard work and if you are at the DZ all day and pack for yourself then you may be getting a decent workout that might make you more healthy in general. But this is related to any kind of physical activity not just specifically skydiving. I am fucking your mom right now
  14. Watch this video. Some good info about rubber bands I am fucking your mom right now
  15. Oops is all he has to say about #147 at 1:52... you have got to be fucking me. That is practically attempted murder. That shit is how we die. I am fucking your mom right now
  16. Not that small. I have A Storm 190 (I imagin a similar pack volume) in my G4 and I can say that there is NO WAY I would go any bigger. I am fucking your mom right now
  17. Here is what I did... It may not be the right path for everyone and it may not even be the BEST path for me. I had a second hand fairly cheap rig for a year. The main was a Tri190. I was loaded about 1.2:1 at 60 jumps (which according to many is pusing it a little bit.) I had the cash and wanted to make a long term gear investment. So i bought a container that i could really go up or down a lot in. My I got a Storm 190 (7 cell=smaller pack volume) and put it into a container made for a 9 cell 170. So if in the future Want to down size I can go from this to a smaller 7 cell, or I can switch to a ZPX 190 9 cell, and then down. Regardless of how I do it this container will last me at least through my next two sets of canopies. That being said, I probably wont be downsizing any time soon given my lack of currency due to school:-/ ** second disclaimer not best path for everyone ** I am fucking your mom right now
  18. I spent about five years dispatching SL, then we converted to IAD. The SL was PC assist, and I saw more scary stuff there then I ever have with IAD. I've never seen a PC hesitation with IAD, happened quite often with SL. That Velcro assist needs to be replaced every 5 or 10 jumps, otherwise it's useless. I had one SL student roll off backwards, and catch the PC bridle in his armpit, stopping the deployment. I remember being a SL student and watching my own PC from my back and head down thinking 'looks like it's working!' IAD is generally just a cleaner deployment. The PC is in the breeze and pulling within a fraction of a second of the student letting go of the airplane. Never had exposure to direct bag SL. Another "problem" with SL as compared to IAD, is that the students generally are trained to pull a rip cord. They'll have to convert at some point. Either that, or the DZ has to maintain SL rigs with spring loaded PCs, and others set up for hand deployment. The other option would be switching PCs all the time. I have heard of a DZ considering doing PC assisted SL with hand deploy pilot chutes, but don't know if anyone's doing it. Even with that option, you have to pack either for hand deployment, or with the PC inside the container set up for SL. SL as compared to IAD is just a pain in the butt rigging wise. With IAD, the student starts on the same configuration that he'll be jumping later, no transitions for him or the DZ. The one thing that I see as being difficult with IAD on a BOC is the practice throws. By the time the student is locating his practice PC the bag is out of the container, and it's not rigid anymore. They just have to be very deliberate in locating the practice PC. Though, once they've done those PPCTs, the real thing is relatively easy. I don't know if this has been covered earlier in the thread, so I'll write it anyway. Static line is not economic when flying a "large" turbine. Doing one pass per student at 4,000' with 4 minutes between is not going to happen with a Twin Otter. Conversely, for the small mom and pop guys like my operation, doing one load per student with two instructors isn't economic either. It ties up the airplane (C182), and I've never had the staff to make it happen if I'd wanted to. My opinion is that the training method is influenced by what works best for the aircraft than it has to do with what's "best." In other words "follow the money." Whenever you're told "it's not about the money." You can be pretty darn sure that it's all about the money. Martin Martin, Up here in NEEEEbraska we have SL assist PCs that we also use has hand deployment PCs. IT works great and we don’t have any problems with the Velcro wearing out to fast. The only difference is that you have a soft strip of Velcro on your PC when packing it hand deployment. It does suck repacking every time you need something different, but it’s just a matter or opening the container and then reclosing the container. It is a pain, but not totally debilitating. PrCPs are the same as with IAD and we notice the same thing that the first practice pull seems to be easier. Taylor I am fucking your mom right now
  19. Here is a trick. Instead of trying to do without him knowing (like I did with my long distance girlfriend.) Tell him every time you jump. Tell him how much fun you had and keep reporting all of the positive things. "it was a great day at the DZ i got in jump number 21 and my instructers say im doing great". When he asks question hopeing for a negative response like "how many reserve rides have you had bla bla bal how many poepl die a year bla bla bla." explain to him in a positive way that does not emphasize death or injury in the sport but highlights the best parts of the sport. You dont have to lie and tell him no one ever gets hurt skydiving but dont spend 75 percent of the convo trying to convince him its safe. after a while of hearing good reports from you he will slowly come around. Think of it this way, the first time he ever heard of skydiving was probably a news story of some guy dieing. So you have that many years of a negative impression of the sport to undo. **sorry for all grammer/spelling errors. I'm tired and drunk. I am fucking your mom right now
  20. Was that DZ open 7 days a week? Becauase at my seasonal DZ, even in the summers we are only open Sat, Sun, and some Wed after 5pm.... no way you could get 700 jumps at those hours On the best day where we have 2 planes going as fast as we can get them going you could normally get 5-6 jumps. So if your life allowed you to be out there every Sat/Sun you would get 10-12 jumps a weekend X 6months open=240-288 jumos.... thats with no wind/weather holds the whole summer (in nebraska yeah right)... I am fucking your mom right now
  21. Hum lets see, midterms+ cold weather stoping skydiving = I need a 3 minute break. Thanks for the vid it made for a very nice break. I am fucking your mom right now
  22. lost earth ehh.... two words. Ice Core. We have plenty of evidence of what the earths atomosphere was like pre human. I am fucking your mom right now
  23. There are many issues in the media that should be debated feverishly, Global Warming is not one of them. The data is there and there is enough of it that you can throw out ALL flawed research techniques and ALL (if there really is any) dishonest or exaggerated results and there would still be conclusive evidence to support its existence. I could go to Google and show you some of it, or, you can go to the nearest university and dig out some journal articles on the subject (Go sit next to a science geek and ask him to interpret the data and tell you what it means). You will see that probably every bit of "evidence you have see is dumbed down to an 8th grade reading level. It's like watching black and white TV, it’s just not the same. The most brilliant minds of this century all agree on the subject! Do you think you are smarter? If that does not do it for you here is a little bit of logic for you. How many hands are in this proverbial research pot? MILLIONS there are millions of people working on/involved in this research. If the science community was lying about all of this do you really think that they would/cloud all be silenced? The few that have come out to give negative arguments have been found to be about as diluted as those who don't believe in global warming. SO, global warming exits. It’s a fact not an opinion, not an exaggeration, not a lie. But what are the results of it? That is something no one really knows. Any predictions about the results are just SWAGs (Scientific Wild Ass Guesses) One final thought. If a multi multi multi millionaire is telling you not to believe something about his business that everyone else thinks is true, are you going to believe him? Why? Does he really have your/humanities best interests at hear? True we all have to make a living and havening relative who work on the oil rigs in ND I understand that just because there are environmental consensus does don’t mean they can just up and leave their jobs. But there is not point to denying that it exists and the results will likely be... shall we say... dramatic I am fucking your mom right now
  24. I've seen this video many times. No matter how many times I watch it it makes my heart race a little. I am fucking your mom right now
  25. No you will still have it. But it will not be "current." so you will have to do AT LEAST one jump with a coach. I am fucking your mom right now