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  1. That happened to me. We didn't bank far from jump run and the plane turned.
  2. I am interested in getting in to performance flying but I'm not ready for a jedi. I have about 200 jumps on a havok mostly flocking . I tried the v4 and it was too much arm pressure for me. What suit would you recommend I get next?
  3. A wofo friend of mine asked me to do a flag jump and I was wondering what complications/ factors I should consider if I decided to do the jump. This wouldn't be a demo jump. I have 440 jumps and about 5 Crew jumps. Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I am aware of how rumors are in the skydiving community and I appreciate the up to date information.
  5. My friend wants to learn to skydive and I wanted to find out about lodi. What type / condition is their student gear and rental? Have their aircraft maintenance issues been addressed? I would love to hear from people that have been there recently. Thanks!
  6. I tried a supermach one when I only had 10 ws jumps, The way the wings are made my arms pin up due to the air pressure in freefall. I managed to scare myself and practice my flatspin recovery skills. I currently jump a pf havok, the wing size is about the same but the wing goes down to the knee resulting in a lot less pressure on the arms. The havok is very stable. I've managed to stabilze after a bad exit doing a ws rodio while keeping my passenger. Granted the supemach one was way above my skill level my arm streangth hasn't changed.
  7. Hello, I'm rapidly approaching my 200th jump and I am planing to take a first flight course this summer. Considering the lead times on a new wingsuit makes me impatient to jump. Would it be a terrible idea to order one early or am I better off renting for a while?