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  1. Midnight Sun Boogie, hosted by Troms Parachute Club, has the pleasure to invite you and all your friends to this summer`s craziness at beautiful Elvenes in Sjøvegan, Northern Norway. This is a boogie arranged in true Northern Norwegian spirit with long days of continuous jumping and late aftersky parties, where everyone is welcome! Our event will contain: - Student jumping from Cessna - Tandemjumping from Pilatus Porter, 13000feet - Fun jumping from Pilatus Porter - FS / FF organizing - Jumping during midnighthours - Inhopps - Competitions as Hit`n Chug and more - Beach landings - Sunset loads 15000 feet - Todays video We can offer: - Low boogie fee (500nok) - Cheap accommodation - WIFI - Hot showers Do not miss out and order your flight tickets now! More information www.msb.no or see our facebook page. Do you dare to join us for this amazing event?
  2. Just did the shutter modification on my NEX5n. The dismantling was easy on this model, only five-six screws. Soldering to the shutter switch was more tricky, but it can be done. Struggled more with making the final result look nice outside the cam. Happy with the mod and can`t wait to try it out. I am now curious about what preferences and settings people are using when taking pictures or video during freefall. Seems like mp4 is more easy than AVCHD? Have anyone tried the mp4 file with Cineform? Have both a 16mm and a 18-55mm lense. Appreciate any advice and tips on my way! Pete
  3. Any news on this thread? Just ordered a new 5n - will try it out and then consider if I mod it or not. Anyone having video or photo from using it while skydiving? What about brackets?