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  1. 1. The setup of the mount is asking for a snag. 2. Pay attention to your student instead of goofing off and geeking the reserve side the whole time (Anyone see main side look at their altimeter even once?) 3. Don't stick your face in the path of deployment. 4. you should NEVER be perpendicular to your student on deployment (Good way to get your neck snapped if that thing cracks open and the students legs come up into your head) 5. No need for main and reserve to both wear cameras. Reserve side is the best option. Let them help keep the student stable and film while main side does their job. 6. Get someone willing to do outside video for slot? Seriously?! Anybody read USPA SIM recommendations for video flying? AFF of all things, requires a high level of video skill. Sure, if the student does great it's easy to fly with and get good footage. What about the ones that turn into a rodeo ride? Some newer jumper trying to learn how to fly video for slot could turn that rodeo into a very dangerous and possibly disastrous situation! Always use qualified video flyers for the job. 7. To the main side instructor: Pay attention to your student, not the camera! This jump is about them, not you. Use higher levels of professionalism while working and save the goofing off and geeking for your own fun jumps that you are spending your money on. Leave videoing for the reserve side while you concentrate on teaching your student the best you can. Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  2. I received the same from [email protected] Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  3. I'm still wondering while Vigil has not had to deal with any problems like Argus did. I'm seeing A LOT more problems with Vigil's than Argus'. Political B.S.? Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  4. Very true. That still doesn't explain why Cypres and Vigil have received no hassles. I think it's ridiculous that DZ's are banning rigs with Argus' in them. The problem was found and cleared of no mechanical error. There is no reason for the ban. Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  5. I find it funny that Argus has now been put out of business due to a "problem w/ the cutter" which has been proved to have been human error not mechanical. At the same time how many problems have there been with Vigil yet nothing comes of it. Vigil forgot to insert cutters all together! Argus had an issue with their cutter in the past and put a recall out and fixed the problem. The recent problem was not their fault. It has been released that it was not their fault. So why have they been attacked but Vigil gets away with it? As with Cypres, they have said that the Cypres 1 had not met it's safety and structural standards so shouldn't those be banned as well? I have an Argus and it's a shame that there's a few DZ's I can no longer jump at because they have banned Argus. I could swear that a licensed jumper is NOT OBLIGATED to use an AAD. It's all politics. An AAD is a safety unit that is meant as a last resort. If you wouldn't jump without an AAD, then don't jump. You should not be relying on it to safe your life. That is your job! Keep the jumps safe, Pull at a safe altitude and know your hard deck and emergency procedures. Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  6. That was just an example. I've also seen a sabre 2 150 for sale about a month ago that had 700 jumps and needed a new line set and the person was asking $1850 USD for it. I just see a lot of people who don't understand how to value gear, which on the other side could be bad for them when they want to buy used gear. I just think people should get some more knowledge about value before buying or selling gear. Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  7. I have noticed in the Classifieds that many people don't know any value of what they are trying to sell. For instance, an expired reserve with rides on it for $900 is ridiculous. If you have any questions of how much your gear is worth, please speak to a rigger to get an idea of what you can expect to get for your gear. EX. Main canopies should have $1/jump $100/year deducted from it. Also look at the condition of the canopy. If your canopy has patches, needs a new line set, sun bleached badly...etc, this will also devalue the canopy. You can ask however much you want for gear but having a fair price gives you a much better chance at selling your gear and moving onto what you need. Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  8. I received the same message from him about my canopy for sale and my rig for sale! Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  9. there's a lot of good advice to be given on here. Try to think not so much about the technical aspects but the love for it aspect. Tension is a big roadblock to many jumpers just starting out. I had talked with another one of our newer jumpers the other day that is having the same problem and went over a few things with him and he's feeling much better with his jumps now. Feel free to grab me and pick my brain anytime you want. You know where to find me. (I'm the dreaded packer) Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  10. I was packing for them all week. They had some sweet jumps going! Previous record was 48. They made 58 by time it was all said and done! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!! Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear
  11. I work at Elsinore and am from the east coast not too far from you (Sky's The Limit). I actually worked with a guy from cross keys. Mad Mike the packer. Tuesdays we we're usually closed but are now open 7 days a week! I jump here and perris and enjoy them both. You can easily jump both in one day. Why not set up a balloon jump and the first couple loads at perris and then head to elsinore for the 2nd half. I'm always in for balloons and I'll be at either dz. Hit me up and we'll get some fun loads organized! -Crisco- Respect comes with experience, not the size of your gear