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  1. you sound like kanye west https://vimeo.com/234376830
  2. I jump a Petra usually, The Airwolf is an awesome canopy. As with all Fluid canopies I've flown they build power in a unique way in the turn that is really satisfying, it feels connected to you like the Petra does but the nature of how it flies is very different The Airwolf has a lot of harness response, a lot of rear power and is extremely fast. The harness response is like that of the helix accept the recovery arc of the Wolf felt considerably bigger to me. It's not as steep trimmed as the Petra, the Fluidtech material it's made of is very rigid and the whole package is very stable Overall it's one of the most satisfying chutes to fly, one of the funnest canopy out there. It has all the usability of a freefall canopy and a ton of power and response. I'm not sure if it's the span wise line structure or what, but I found it really easy to get out and fully forward in the harness. Don't know why this is but just what I noticed It doesn't have the float in deep brakes of the Petra, but the way it builds power in the turn is a unique and addictive sensation that makes you smile! I jumped a test prototype and I absolutely want one!! Scott Roberts is doing an amazing job and bringing all sorts of ideas to skydive and ground launching parachuting, if you're at all piqued by this canopy, get one you will not be disappointed (I promise they don't pay me!)
  3. Ur maybe leaning one way or the other through the opening. Once u feel it out the bag try to relax, don't look at the canopy, hold the risers lightly and if you begin to feel it going one way or the other try to 'steer' it with your butt in the harness dont make big aggressive inputs If u think ur body position is at issue one of our AFF instructors gets students to lie on their bellies and press their toes against a wall, legs bent as if in freefall, to get better awareness of what it feels like they're doin with their legs maybe do high pulls give yourself more time to kick outta line twists? For the difference in price between a hop n pop and full altitude you get proportionally a lot more flight time. Hope that helps and that this is good advice, I'm sure I will be told shortly if it is not!
  4. OK lets make some rules, if the TM gets a shot of your smiley face right after you went underneath him can we reasonably say you must have gone up? that's pretty scientific.
  5. medusa has posted a video from a static reference point gaining altitude over static objects to make your own 'up wingsuit' video dive and flare underneath any unsuspecting tandem canopy and watch the footage presented to the S&TA before getting booted out
  6. then pay more attention to your woman and ignore me. I didn't start this thread. I like to jump and mind my own business. I figured that if I'm going to get shit on left right and center this may as well be an amusing read. Skydiving is a luxury of time and money and a passion to pursue. Time is finite, I get bored easily, pushing it keeps me engaged. I've never been cool. I have usually had a high level of ability in the things I set my mind to do. I believe from a philosophical perspective we only truly claim to know what we experience for ourselves. I believe ability is mostly the application of work ethic, pushing it helps keep me paying attention. It is important to me that I do not pose a threat to others. In 28 years of being a fuckwit I've hurt myself a couple of times, never been in hospital for more than a day, and not put anyone there. other than once driving a truck in a wildlife park where we were building an Arc for kids, I slid on black ice driving a truck and the passenger who wasnt wearing a seat belt cut his head on the dashboard when we hit a tree. he was fine. I was happy we hit the tree and did not go into the tiger compound.
  7. the only thing I made up was the roller skates on i92 the rest is true i dgaf if u believe it or not. I toe hung a cessna flying a saber2 150 when I had under 60 jumps and weighed 220lbs without gear. I taught myself how to do 90's from there and every landing has been a 90, 270, 450 or 630 since then bar a handful still here and lovin it
  8. I'm not comparing myself to Bob Hoover. I'm looking at the information you've presented and comparing it with more information from the same source and asking relevant questions Its the juxtaposition between the attitude that gets people into the sky, curiosity and exploration, compared to the mindset of those same people later which seems completely at odds. would you let a 16 year old Hoover teach himself aerobatics if you were in charge? Its not actually even the mindset, its the way certain parties choose to express that experience to others which is 'you will die and you're an arrogant fool'. that makes me want to prove you wrong. The amount of negativity I receive from people with no experience seeing me fly is completely disproportional to the positive Experiences I've had actually flying it safely. This will not change until I am deemed to have more experience. I guess its a hard nut to crack, for you old folks trying to keep people alive long enough for people like me to see what you're even talking about, and us younger folks wanting to push ourselves I see the light!! I SEE THE LIGHT!!!!
  9. how did aviation begin? how did skydiving become the sport it is now? you condemn risk taking but by default we enjoy the benefits that come from risks having been taken to get here we say our sport is being killed everytime someone dies and it becomes more regulated, but still tandem students come to jump partly because this is dangerous. what would happen if Joe Public saw skydiving as completely safe? you're a flight instructor at Bob Hoover's school, what would your reaction be to a 16 yr old training himself to do loops fresh off his solo license in a rented airplane?
  10. It's interesting what he says from 1.05 about how he learnt to do loops http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=B09nWQHdRiU&feature=fvwp
  11. yes it's the lies THE LIIIEEESSSS!!!! voice of Stewie Griffin: I must escape this intricate web of deceit I have spun to the DZ NSA. They have grown too powerful for me now. I will return to the womb where I cannot have my finger nails pulled out and hung from my testes in some dark dank corner of the world. Such as Jacksonville at night. mmmmm yes. Then I will return stronger than you can ever imagine!! DAMN YOU!!! DAAAMNN YOU TO HELLL!!!! it was both you lightning rod of intelligence. It's called selling my gear to buy some other stuff to go to work, make a gangsta roll of cash, quit when I feel like it and buy better gear back. Then I will come to your home DZ with a Riot Control Bullhorn and shout at you every time you land. In the meantime I will be in bed drinking beer when I'm not shagging *waves my bare ass in your general direction*
  12. why in the name of holy shit did I ever write anything back to this dumb ass fucking post. I must be bored. on the one hand I felt like I needed to correct some stuff Rob said on the other it's like watching a dog taking a shit. nasty but I couldn't help paying attention I sold my gear cos I wanted smaller gear retard. Why is writing anything on here like talking to a bunch of illiterate children? No I will not come to Skydive Dallas. You've got a shit NFL team.
  13. Yo Bro send me a GoPro I have a bunch of other expenses going out the door at the moment so have temporarily sold my gear. saddens me deeply so I've been spending my time winding you bunch of **** *** **** ****'s up instead I could land this parachute on one leg with my eyes closed. I could jump with my helemt on backwards covering my eyes and soar gracefully over the ground like a flying fish on crack. If Bats and Luke Skywalker can do it, so can I. when I come back I expect to see a sweepstake for the next 200 jumps with ME being the beneficiary when I succeed no where's my reach around?
  14. Agreed. I shouldn't have written anything. I played since I was 7, went to music school then played professionally for a few years. I spent 8-10 hours a day or more for about 6 years of that time practising, the rest maybe 2-3hrs a day. worked hard at it for many years. I work in a hard job. I started pushing boxes and worked my way up. Now I can find work around the world in a cut throat industry developing contacts by working hard at what I do. I've worked my share of 100hr weeks it sounds like you're talking about pedagogy and the difference between the epistemology of "knowing that" and knowing how you've summed me up as a spoilt brat which is your prerogative. you misinterpreted the line about being evil, it was light hearted and meant as hyperbole