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  1. An organisation that catalogs each and every accident occuring on a DZ?? Including from 30 years ago??? Sounds pretty unlikely.
  2. I generally dive, but did a poised exit on that occasion.
  3. My problem wasn't so much that I wasn't able to get stable ... it’s that I threw before I was properly stable. it was an awkward exit and I was flailing a little at the point of deployment, obviously I should have taken the time to stabilise completely before I threw. I don't normally have these problems - I followed that jump with 2 more hop ‘n pops straight afterwards, and didn’t encounter any problems at all in this respect. Anyway, thanks again to those thast have provided constructive advice,
  4. Thanks for the advice folks, its useful feedback and I appreciate it … thanks for the telegrams also. I don’t usually have problems maintaining stability. I arch well and maintain a stable belly to earth position all the way to deployment. It’s the first time I’ve experienced instability since my AFF. Drew -- you saying “…None of you should have had problems getting stable…” isn’t really meaningful advice on how to rectify the problem once it’s occurred. It’s sort of like someone bitten by a poisonous snake asking you what steps to follow, and you advising them to avoid snake infested areas. Anyway, yeh, everything that happened was my fault. I should have known the correct EPs beforehand, and I should have waited longer to stabilise before deploying. Shattering experience
  5. Was participating in a canopy piloting course today, jumping hop 'n pops from 3,500 feet. My exit was woeful and I struggled to regain stability - haven't done low altitude jumps for a while and I was having all sorts of problems. While flailing around on my back like an idiot (not sure of height) I threw the pilot and the little f*cker snagged on my foot and tangled around my leg. Didn't really follow a plan after that, just sort of kicked my legs like crazy until (thankfully) it untangled after a few seconds, the canopy deployed and I was able to land safely (after sorting out some horrendous line twists). The whole episode sort of freaked me out a little. I asked people on the ground what I should have done. They said I should not have thrown while unstable in the first place and certainly not while on my back, which I guess is completely true, but not really an answer to the question I asked. Did I do the right thing - kick to disentangle? If this didn't provide a quick solution should I have cut-away instead, or simply pulled silver? Grateful for advice.
  6. She lost respect for you becuase you want to take up skydiving as a hobby? She says you are choosing skydiving over her, and you haven't even made a single jump yet?? She sounds like a manipulative control freak, I recommend you dump that girl now. you're much better off without her. Maybe find a girl thats into skydiving, or one with the maturity to respect the decisions that you make in relation to your own life.
  7. Scenario: Your right shoulder is badly dislocated during freefall, either as a result of an exit mishap or due to an impact with another jumper. Your right arm is completely useless, and can't be lifted or used, even a little bit. I'm interested to know how people would respond to this situation - how they would deploy, steer and perform the landing. I'm also very interested to knowing if anyone has heard about this happening before? ~ Tumbleroll
  8. Meh, I reckon, rather than 'blacking out', the OP panicked, became disorientated and lost height awareness uring freefall.
  9. Dude, How did you black out? As a result of the spinning??
  10. thought you folks may be interested in the following information, provided to me by skydance. They offer solo Halo jumps, much cheaper than their competitors: "...We offer HALO Jumps twice a year and I believe our next ones will be in June, but I am not 100% sure. The requirements are as follows: must have a USPA C License(minimum of 200 skydives), take a FAA Flight Physiological Training Course--"A Chamber Ride" and have a FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate. You have to call the FAA to schedule the Chamber Ride and the number is 405-954-4837. The cost for a first time HALO Jump is $585 per person. We also ask that reservations be made at least a month in advance and we require a $100 deposit. I hope that has answered all of your questions. If you have any more please feel free to email us back. SkyDance SkyDiving..."
  11. Sounds expensive -- anyone done one before? Think its worth the money? I assume its just like a normal jump, except a longer freefall!
  12. "but they look rubbish' .. 'you will be mocked' Wasn't really the type of feedback I was looking for. I want to enoy myself and have goggles that are fit for purpose. If people don't think I look 'cool', then thats their problem, not mine. Anyway, I've received several private telegrams from people who have used them. Generally the feedback was positive, they have crystal clear clarity and are as resilient as anything on the market. Also, they keep the goggles de-dogged in the plane - which was my primary motivation in considering the puchase. Little concerned about bulkiness though, if they can't fit under my helmet they are no use to me. yeh, my kroops fogged under canopy. First time it ever happened to me. I'm pretty sure they have vents but will check. Thanks fot the advice about the drill, might look to do something like that!
  13. No I'm not trolling, just looking for advice and feedback before I commit to buying a pair. Thanks for everyone's input. Thanks also for the recommendation of the square one tunnel goggles, will check them out.
  14. 99% of skydiving goggles on the market are cheap plastic throw-aways the turbo-fans, on the other. are state of the art merchandise. In terms of clarity and resilience that are top of the range. They are even used by special forces soldiers in combat. I'm not saying that this necessarily makes them good skydiving goggles,but you speak about the 'coolness factor, and I reckon that's got to count for something. In fact, I think I've talked myself into getting a pair.