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  1. Thats sic dude, im looking at may to try to start the classes,
  2. Hi everyone who reads this, i did it again, it took a while and a few winded out attempts and one trip to the wrong dropzone, but i got another jump under my belt now and am really looking forward to taking the aff classes to get certified and jump solo. I made my 2nd jump at jean nv, at las vegas extreme skydiving, and i got to say it was an awesome experience, the staff was rad the conditions were great and everyone had a blast. My girlfriend and best buddy jumped too! My instructor was scotty and i would recomend him to anyone, he was cool. Although i did see a bit of ductape in the plane, the pilot didnt seem woried about it and he was the only one with out a chut on so i didnt worry about it either. Haha. Now its time to save for the aff classes, might as well make these jumps count toward somthing. Yaaahooo. I love it and am looking forward to many more jumps. Blue skies here i come Jt
  3. Wow, thanks everyone for the welcom. Im so excited to becoming one of you. Ill let you know when i get my next jump. And start the classes
  4. Hello everyone, im joe, and i just last weekend completed my first jump. It was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. Im hooked and cant wait to jump again. My jump was at las vegas, the one out in boulder, 15000 feet. Totally altered my life, why live here on earth when we can be above it, if not just for a moment at a time. I guess the next step is to take the classes and prepare for a solo jump. Pure awesomeness!! I love it. Cant wait to go again. i cant believe i waited so long to do it. 28 years, but at least i have plenty of time ahead of me. Heres hoping. Thanks for reading my post. Hopefully i will make some new friends along the way and learn some things too. -jt