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  1. sorry to hear. a real beautiful person.
  2. skyce

    Knights DVD

    i wouldn't expect too much. don't get me wrong. the GK are one of my absolute heroes and i have a lot of respect for them. but i was wondering if whoever put this thing together was compiling their 'worst of'. eitherway i think it's not that big a deal since it goes for free and it does not say 'best of' on the cover anyway.
  3. because i nearly killed myself on friday while going for a run. yes, i know. so i am at home now, window shutters closed so i don't have to see the great jumping weather, keeping well away from dzs and airplanes since one wrong move and i won't be flying for an even longer time, willing myself to heal up and trying very hard not to go ballistic and trash the place.
  4. Type of jobs/income I came across : factory worker, student, doctor, managers from all areas, sound engineers, unemployed, realtor, electronic/mechanical engineers, nurse, crooks, musicans, parcel service delivery guy, high ranking let's say police officers, airline pilot, surgeon..... They all made it happen, regardless. If you want it bad enough, you can change your situation to make it fit.
  5. difficult to take my eyes off this one ;-)
  6. Wuffo: " Wassa Hop n’Pop? " Ansa: "A “hop n pop” or as they are sometimes called, “Hoppenpop!!!” refers to a jump from the pop section of the aircraft. The pop section is the part that connects the left wheel to the main body of the aircraft. As the door is actually on the right hand side of the aircraft, the jumper must actually climb over the body of the plane in order to get to this location. This is quite a tricky manoeuvre and therefore, only experienced jumpers are allowed to perform hoppenpop!!!s. The prime advantage of performing hoppenpop!!!s is that the airspeed is slower on the left hand side of the plane and therefore the parachute will open quicker after the jump. This is why hoppenpops are often performed from low altitudes (i.e. when the parachute needs to be opened right away)."