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  1. Of course they have a history, and a track record as well. Imagine one small country doing an insane number of tandem jumps. If the NZPIA did not have a history and were not doing their job then these forums would be full of incidents and dramas right? But no- there are hardy any? Why? Somebody or something must be doing their job damn right? So- why is it then that there are 'other' organisations? Answer is very obvious to me and should be to you too? They simply do not meet the high standards or professionalism to be allowed to join the main organisation- so they are forced to have to open their own Micky Mouse side shows? Sometimes the truth can be very hard to swallow. I suggest you go do a little research and place emotion last!
  2. Hmm... been following this thread with interest. Re: the letter from the Director of CAA New Zealand... means 'jack' really. Classic CYA in my opinion- and a really well written letter. He says that the other part 149 organisations must 'recognise' the ratings etc issued by the said organisations- BUT that does not mean that they have to accept them! IOW- "Hey congrats on receiving your xxx rating" or "well done BUT sorry you can't use that rating here- go get a real one"!! Obviously if the ratings were issued by a long standing, credible, parachute organisation with a track record and history- like USPA, CSPA,BPA, APF or NZPIA- then certainly most DZO's would be comfortable to allow the holders of those ratings to excercise those ratings on his DZ right? Well in this case- there is no way in hell that I, or any other DZO in his right mind would have any of these ratings holders anywhere near my DZ thanks! For all I know they may have acquired their ratings from a Cheerios box!! One has to question why there was a need in New Zealand to create more than one Part 149 organisation in the first place!! Nowhere else in the world this has happened? Hey- lets all start parachute organisations and start handing out skydive ratings willy nilly!!! Yeah Right! As a DZO- if one of these new ratings holders came my way- I would do exactly as the New Zealand Director CAA suggests- and undertake you own assessment. IOW make them do the full REAL and accepted rating from the start. Period. In time- the new Part 149 organisations may prove to be OK, but in my experience you certainly don't start a parachute organisation and automatically expect to receive credibility! On the absolute contrary- credibility need to be earned over a long long time, where you get to show quality, sensibility and a proven track record. Untill then- these new organisations are simply a liability- particulary for any DZO who will have to answer for any issues in court. Have you $$$$$ ready!!!