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  1. Ya, I imagine most tunnels would frown on you having a phone inside. But surely you could put it inside an inner suit pocket or velcro it to your pubes or something else acceptable.

    The accelerometer would work fine in your pocket in the air or in the tunnel.

    There are plenty of GPS devices for sky. Someone here was working on importing KML files exported from a Garmin into google earth for wingsuit flights (FlyingRenhquist sp?, was the username).

  2. I'm a programmer as well and have thought of making some sort of skydiving app. It seems there's already apps for logging, planning, wingloading, landing etc.

    Maybe capture accelerometer data during tunnel flight and display it graphically? I haven't seen it yet, but it probably exists somewhere.

  3. Quote

    I thought about that and might change it later. I live in the St. Louis area, so I am always going between Illinois and Missouri, so it is actually fewer clicks to leave multiple states on the screen. 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Thanks for the comments.

    Good point. I hadn't considered that. I'm a programmer, so feature-creep is in my nature.

  4. I know virtually nothing about rigging, but I've always wondered why there is a cutter in the first place. It seems like some sort of spring loaded, or explosive pin puller would do the same job without the worry of having to cut the loop. Or possibly some quick release lock on the bottom of the loop ..

    I assume there is some technical reason that cutting the loop is better than extracting the pin.

  5. I just finished reading some of Bill Newell's articles on the starcrest website. It was very interesting to read about the first RW back in the 50's. They talk about people with lots of jumps making the first 3, 4 and 8-way formations, passing the baton etc .. and how spectacular they were at the time.

    As someone who went through AFF a few years ago, I can't relate to how hard it was to do RW back then.

    I'm really interested to know if anyone has stories about how difficult it was to learn to fly your body in those days .. before we had instructors holding on with cool hand signals to remind us what we're supposed to be doing.

    How hard was it to "just figure it out" without having any manuals, youtubes or general public knowledge to refer to?

    Also, was gear a huge factor in RW being learnt? Some of those old belly mounts and enormous rigs with Rube Goldberg-esque looking hardware seem like they'd be damn near impossible to fly in freefall.

  6. Quote

    I can't imagine coding something and finding out that I need to delete everything i did just because an idea is bad.

    I'm a programmer and I waste hours and days on ideas that are bad, yet fun to code. When I was an AFF student, I spent a few days making an PHP/HTML/CSS landing pattern app for a web site. By the time I finished it, I realized how useless it was because at that point I'd had enough jumps that I could figure it out in my head.

  7. Quote

    the catch is only 1 ability can be active at once per slot. So, for your left mouse button for example, you can only use 1 of the 5

    Go into Options -> Gameplay and check "elective mode" and you can assign skills to any button/key. This way, skills aren't locked into their respective key/button, but can be put into any available one. Then, you can use all your primary skills and no defensive ones for instance.

  8. I had no idea Yes was still performing. I just youtubed up some Yes last night. I've Seen All Good People and Heart of the Sunrise are two of my favorite songs of all time.

    It's a shame Steve didn't play Mood For a Day.