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  1. A freefly friendly rig doesn't slow the deployment if you are on your back. Through well designed riser covers, proper bridle protection, etc. a freefly friendly rig will help help keep an unintentional deployment from happening like in the video. Unintentional deployments can still happen. If you're on your back and you pull (or if it gets deployed unintentionally) you are still going to have a canopy over your head in a very short amount of time.
  2. We only have outside video at our Cessna DZ. No one does handcam there. I am a college student trying to skydive as much as possible and I couldn't do it without being able to shoot outside video. Very rarely do we have tandems that don't get outside video. Some days, when I don't have enough business, I will go and shoot video of a tandem who didn't pay for it. When I show them the video on the ground, they always buy it. I have never shot a video that didn't get sold afterwards. Getting them to pay the $100 may take a little more work, but it is well worth it for me.
  3. Haha, I'm not sure fishing in the lake/runway with avgas trucks floating in it is a good idea.
  4. Dude, I don't have anything against skydivers starting new DZs. I wasn't saying you are sketchy, I was talking about your website. Which, I still say, looks sketchy, mostly because of the website's footer. I was trying to be diplomatic and not accuse anyone of anything. Attacking people in the forum and sending hateful PMs isn't a way to gain any support from your fellow jumpers. Since I'm in Chattanooga right now, I might have wanted to come jump at your DZ had your response been a little more cordial. Regardless of all that, I hope your DZ can be a fun, safe place for fun jumpers and that your business is prosperous.
  5. Yeah, Skydive East Tennessee is definitely the best in East TN. I had heard some rumors about this being a 1-800-Skyride DZ, just wondering if that was true.
  6. Anybody know anything about this place? Saw it in a classifieds post looking for TIs.;d=1 Looking at their website, it looks a little sketchy: Just wanted to get some opinions before I started casting judgments.
  7. The dropzone I jump at is in a valley with trees on top of the hills. When the winds pick up and come across the hills, you have to be heads up or sit on the ground. Otherwise the valley will eat you alive.
  8. I would like to inform everyone that the only people registered for the SET coach course this weekend are regular SET jumpers. No AST people are taking the course.
  9. The DZ has a great campground and heated/cooled indoor packing building. They just finished a new packing pavilion that will hold 30+ packers at a time. Cool pea pit to land in. Awesome swoop pond that is getting better every week. Showers on site. The DZ is very friendly to up jumpers and never bumps up jumpers for tandems. Great student program, DZOs are really committed to bringing more jumpers into the sport and are not just out to make money. Awesome DZ all around, and the only one in East Tennessee that welcomes up jumpers and has running water.
  10. I got term life for $19/month. It does include skydiving. My Nationwide agent helped me out and got me a really good price. That agency is being really cool and is sponsoring The Skydiving Club at ETSU.