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  1. Ok, appearantly I'm a little confused. Is Waller == SD Houston?
  2. Spaceland has replied. They tell me the weather is usually jumpable in early Dec. and they're OK with me if I haven't gotten my A license by then. I haven't heard back from SD Houston yet. I'll email Waller tonight. I'm looking forward to jumping from a new DZ and *really* looking forward to jumping from something bigger than a 206!
  3. Yeah, I'm a student. I was hoping to get licensed before I go, but the weather up here (Seattle) has turned for the worse, so I don't see that happening. I'll contact both places. Thanks everyone for the input!
  4. Hi all, I'm going to be traveling to Houston, Tx around Dec. 10th and I would like to do a couple of jumps down there as well as take my friend for her first tandem jump. I live in the Seattle area and the weather here is spotty at best that time of year. Is Houston weather usually jumpable early December? Also, can anyone recommend a good DZ? I know that it's a matter of opinion but I need something to base my decision on. Thanks in advance for your help. Also note, I did do a search but all the information was pretty dated. Thanks, Jason