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  1. Southern_Man

    Rigger course/testing in Florida

    Google tells me: Orlando FSDO-Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner Mike Gainey Deland, FL (850) 623-1741 (H) (850) 5163401 (C) is one DPRE who can administer the practical. There may be others in the state--that is just what my google-fu turned up quickly. You can contact the FSDO closest to you and they should be able to tell you where to take the written and if there are DPRE's closer to you.
  2. Southern_Man

    Advise on returning after injury.

    Every injury is different. I suffered a femur break and synmoidisys injury in my ankle last November. it took me until March until I was jumping again. I would not expect a doctor to be able to tell you when you were ready. I personally never asked and had to educate my PT about the forces that I would need to be able to withstand. I upsized for quite a number of jumps while returning.
  3. Southern_Man

    When is it time to walk away...

    Those are two pretty strong indicators there.
  4. Southern_Man

    Jump 100......

    naked jump
  5. Southern_Man

    New Aerodyne softlinks

    You still run them through 3 times?
  6. Southern_Man

    George Bush Sr. tandem jump

    The former president suffers from a form of Parkinson's disease that has mainly confined him to a wheelchair in the past year.
  7. Southern_Man

    New discounted stock Wings container for first rig?

    If it is stock then it is unlikely you can get all the options (and only the options) that you want. They are already built and no further customization is available. You are probably overrating how "custom" the custom fit rig is. Get measured for a new one and see what the MLW and yoke you need and that will be as custom as you are ever going to get. I believe the lead time for a custom wings rig is only ~5 weeks if that is what you want.
  8. Southern_Man

    Thank you John! (slotperfect)

    Well done slotperfect and good luck on the new position!
  9. Southern_Man

    Buying a used/starter rig, how old should I go?

    From purely and age standpoint I would have no problem jumping that rig. It is impossible to tell condition without a complete inspection. The number of jumps the current jumper has on it does not tell me anything useful and I don't trust any oral history of a rig past 1 owner (and sometimes not even then).
  10. You should be able to continue progress at multiple drop zones. You may or may not be able to do that without doing some repeat training/jumps. It would depend upon the particulars of the timing of your moves, the completeness of your records, and the particular drop zones that are involved. Sorry I can't be more definitive. What is the longest time you will be in one place? Will you be able to jump regularly? every weekend? during the week?
  11. Southern_Man

    USPA Licenses in Germany

    As I understand it pretty much anywhere in Western europe is going to be more expensive to skydive than pretty much anywhere in the USA.
  12. Southern_Man

    Lowest pack volume and lightest reserve for it's size

    Can I ask why these are you priorities in a reserve/
  13. Southern_Man

    Logbook Etiquette

    "Hey, can I get you to sign my log book?"
  14. Southern_Man

    Stretchiness of dacron vs. Spectra

    I've made my own hammock and spent quite a bit of time researching options. I used and most sites seem to recommend spectra cord. Dacron is indeed stretchier and stretchy is not a good quality for suspending the hammock (gives too much sag). Also I personally attach the line to a carabiner, and then use webbing around the tree. The webbing is a little easier on the tree and a little easier setup, although people who are using their hammock for minimalist backpacking would probably want to go with the half-hitches solution (I would have to think hard whether a different knot would be better but half hitches should certainly work).
  15. Southern_Man

    PD Storm Wing Loading

    You are not too light to jump the storm and jumping it at that wing loading will not cause any problems.