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  1. My question I quess is does learning to fly your body help reduce the things that you are thinking about in the air thus making a camera safer at a lower jump number. ...more in aspect to pov cameras....
  2. I would like to ask does the tunnel help in the progression to a camera jumping?
  3. I just bought the craftsman 29cc 4 cycle weed eater with the straight shaft that allows you to put different head for different things. There is lots of options like electric start and drill start very happy with it
  4. I think we might be looking at the effect that when you go to bestbuy and look at all the big screen tvs the $5000.00 dollar one looks so much better then the $1200.00 dollar one when you are looking at them side by side but in your home they would both look very good. Just my .02 I would like to see a couple of different camera flyers to see if my theory is correct. If you look at something like this one it looks very much the same in the sense that it shakes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1z7Y2atC8w&feature=related
  5. Single moms don't abort so you have to be careful they have shown there disregard for society once don't put them to the test again.
  6. All that hot air and still not a sack of balls to say what he really means if it was so fucking big and important he would let the skydiving community in on it and maybe he would get his own award. I know I only have a few jumps blah blah blah, so I will get that out of the way so it does not detract from what I am saying.
  7. Did he not get his planes back? I did not hear anything about the planes not being up to standards do you have any proof to back that statement?
  8. If you thought that was fun come back for the mustache ride later.
  9. jcain

    Grow a pair!

    Now that is what I needed to start my day thanks
  10. That helmet looks really nice. One of my customers came in to the store when i was looking at my helmet and he asked "you like pinstripping? and i was like heck yeah" he grabbed my helmet took it to his car and brought it back pinstripped.
  11. There has been to much fog to jump my new equipment so I had it painted. What is everybody else doing with there down time? http://4dwireless.net/helmet/jchelmet3.jpg http://4dwireless.net/helmet/jchelmet2.jpg http://4dwireless.net/helmet/jchelmet1.jpg
  12. nest they are going to tell us santa clause doesnt exist. WTF
  13. Has the FAA cited conclusively that aircraft maintenance was the reason for grounding the fleet? I would like to see the report.
  14. Bought my container from him and everything was as it says. His shipping was fast as well. Thanks likstojump