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    Couch Freaks still on?

    Last I knew it was still on.
  2. inkogneetow

    Best POV Action Camera Shootout: 6 Challengers Reviewed

    Thanks for doing the review Spot. Ive been waiting to see a comparison. I use the Sony AS15 on a home made L bracket on the side of my helmet and it works great. I also use a Contour+ on the top (Sony set to 120p and Contour to 60p). It's nice to be able to review the footage in real time. The Contour allows this and it's frustrating that the Sony does not. I have not yet figured out how to play the Sony 120p in real time in post production. Maybe I'm using the wrong editing software. I've had several people comment on how good the Contour video is compared to the GP2.
  3. inkogneetow

    Slimmer Freefly Suit

    I've put about 150 jumps and 2 hours in the tunnel (with lots of bouncing off the net) on this suit and I love it. Most of the jumps have been out of 182's and it still looks like new. I've had 3 FF suits one of which was a Tony and the skimmer is the most comfortable FF suit I've had so far. The other suits I've owned have had too much fabric and I would have to fly in a stand to keep up. This one is perfect! Now I have no problem flying with very heavy or very light people. Quality is very good. Same fabric as most suits but with stronger stitching. From measure to delivery it was about 2 1/2 weeks and it was not a rush order. Customer service is awesome too! Give her a call. PS Her bootie suits are the bomb too!