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  1. http://www.rightthisminute.com/video/skydiver-collision-accidentally-deploys-parachute
  2. I did that but just threaded my (wide) chest strap through it. Held solid and worked pretty well facing both backwards and forwards. I'd suggest rounding off all the corners though, those things are strong and sharp!!
  3. The hills are alive... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU-5YEMOvEI
  4. My HAWK isn't. My friend had an Expert made from the weird 'crinkly' stuff (although my older Expert wasn't). My HAWK is far far better in quality and feel, imo.
  5. I dunno...looks like he could use a bit more glide than his 120 Spectre gives!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=GVQc12i2_X0#t=375
  6. And some of the OP... The range of the suit is mighty impressive to watch, especially at break-off. Steve's no ninja but this thing is rock solid on its back and a lot of fun to chase. As noted above, the attachment system looks messy on this particular suit and raises a few eyebrows during flight-line checks (UK) etc, so fair dues to Tony for coming up with a solution. I'll post some pics of the replacement as soon as it arrives. [inline 01.jpg] [inline 02.jpg] [inline 03.jpg] [inline 04.jpg]
  7. I reckon the undone chest straps was just about more airtime for the BG logo's on their jackets. Worked on me...second thing I noticed
  8. Promo vid :-) https://vimeo.com/96139114
  9. For future reference no hair dryer needed, just pop it apart. It's just the same as loc-line hose normally used supplying coolant to cutting heads etc. See here http://www.loc-line.com/ Plenty of opportunities to make your own mounts/lengths etc should you like to mess around with stuff like this. Awesome design :-P
  10. I can't answer your question, but saw this the other day and wondered the same thing: http://vitaminl.tv/video/2127
  11. This. To keep it believable and understandable for non jumpers. BASE rig out of a small chopper at 2k, rooftop landing, repack, apartment stuff, jump off balcony. Sketchy Andy landing in a rooftop pool at night http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=eNdStLwoak8#t=150
  12. How simple do you want it? Biggest 2-pointer sets a record. Biggest 3-pointer sets a record. Biggest 4-pointer sets a record etc. *imo.
  13. Would it though? What's realistically possible at anything over 100-way ~5points? If so that's just four possible sequential records. Probably less if 400 ever gets beaten.
  14. Holy cow, I veal sick after reading that