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  1. Genego

     Dave Dewolf

    As did many many others I got my Rigger Rating from Handsome Dave. I came back to his loft for several years after to help teach. Dave loved jokes, but wasn't the best at punchlines. One night after class, Dave was in the loft, (which was in his basement), and he heard two jokes back to back. The first was "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous" and the second was "I'm an atheist, Thank God!" He bounded up to the kitchen and loudly announced "I'd give my right arm to be an atheist!!!" The next year I taught I was looking in his desk for something and I found 3X5 cards of jokes with the punchlines,,, He will be missed.
  2. Genego

    Ear Pain (from pressure)

    Having had similar problems I would encourage you to consult with an Ear Nose Throat Doctor. It may be more that just an allergy type problem. I discovered that I had nasal polyps which required different medications to remediate the problems.
  3. Genego

    Anyone know this rigger?

    Think I found him for you. Sent a PM with the name and address. Also found the rigger with LPW symbol, second PM sent to you
  4. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sailor.
  5. Genego

    Stowless magnetic bag

    Not to belabor the obvious, but a forum search for stowless bag, magnetic bag, or lazy bag returns a huge number of entries. Some of these may help you find the information you need. gene
  6. Genego

    Square reserve Made it click for ya!
  7. Genego

    The Racer Quick Loop

    Kinda funny it's now a TSO part. I remember being at one of the Riggers Conferences in Muskogee OK (ya I am dating myself dramatically) and having John Sherman teach us how to make quick loops!
  8. Genego

    cutaway knife?

    Doesn't the Icon container have one attached? I use one at work, (traffic cop), but I think it's too small for high speed, high stress situations. Too difficult to maneuver in that circumstance.