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  1. I really like the closers that have been exhibited so far. However if you're looking for something cheap and easy to build and that works, this does the trick. I built it from a 1"x4" and a 1" ratcheting cam strap device. Total cost about $10.00. I cut a v notch in the bottom of the wood and I set it on a standard aluminum knee plate when I use it. The pull up cord is easily inserted into the slot cut for where webbing is usually fed. I also did some testing by hooking a digital load cell up to it and it generates about the same force at max pull that I can generate with a standard wood dowel wrapped around the pull up cord and pulling, so I'm not overly worried about pulling rigs apart (however I'm still very vigilant).
  2. Thanks Terry, that explains everything. I got this canopy used and just undid the lines as they were daisy chained and now I see that the red lines are sewn to lines that are attached to the links. So steering lines they are. Also the link for that manual was great. I also agree on the concerns with using this in a pilot rig because of its limitations. Thanks again for the info.
  3. Hi there, I have a Strong Lopo lite canopy. It's currently connected to two military removeable style links. It also has two suspension lines that have about 12 inches of red 550 line at the ends of the them and two metal rings. I'm guessing these are a line release system of some sort, however I'm not sure. I want to put this canopy in a softie pilots rig with rapide links. Does anybody know if the lopo lite came with a line release system and how to rig it? Thanks much!
  4. You mentioned that you'd like to have a three ring release style system incorporated into your PG harness, it's doable but like you said you'd need access to a local rigger to install the cable hard housings, cut-away handle attachment point, and such. You also mentioned that the base canopy would be d-bagged, in the video it appeared to be free bagged like a skydiving reserve, which seems the more logical route. Just to throw it out there, a capewell style release system might fall into the KISS category here. I imagine a rigger could even fabricate one and then ship it to you so you could then install it your self without the need for sewing. The capewells would just need to be installed between the harness and existing PG canopy risers. The only other thing you would need then is a cordura bag that a freebag would be inside. It would attach to the back of your PG harness, it could be attached with even fastex buckles to again avoid much or any sewing. The free bag holder then could also be designed with a pocket to hold the RSL cord or web. The freebag then would be attached to the RSL which would be connected to the PG canopy. As this system will be used in a non-emergency setting, I imagine you should be able to activate both capewell's almost simultaneously. I'm not familiar with PG harnesses and riser set-ups(canopy attachment) but if you could send me some pictures of your particular harness and canopy attachment, I'd be happy to continue giving it some thought on how Capewells could be installed, the base canopy risers attached to your harness, and a freebag container attached to your rig.
  5. I've seen other individuals here on inquire about building this type of system. It seems very interesting. I'd like to quantify the needs of the system and hear from others on the perceived system requirements for such a system. 1- The cut-away system should be very secure to avoid pre-mature deployment. 2- I imagine a single action cut-away such as a three ring system would be better than multi-action system such as capewells or such. 3-You mentioned a static line deployment of your base rig, how long of a static line? How should you secure the static line to avoid entanglement? How could you also configure your base rig to deploy it's canopy if something went wrong with the static line? 4-Since the static line will work similar to an RSL, do you want the PG canopy risers to release at the same time or one then the other like a skydiving rig? These are just some of the issues I think would need to be dealt with, please feel free to add.
  6. Hi there, I'm curious if anybody has any pictures or information on the air deflector that STC SA199WE calls for when removing the front passenger door of a Cessna 205 also known as the 210-5. Thanks much-John
  7. I'm curious how the yellow cable is secured inside the red cut-away pud. Anybody have a picture or a good description? Thanks much-John
  8. I've had my ZPX pilot 210 for over a year now and love it. It's slippery when new just like a regular zp canopy. So far all seams, color fastness, and wear are great. It DOES pack smaller than regular ZP which is nice if you are on the more conservative side and want a bigger canopy without a huge rig. If your in washington state and want to check it let me know, I also have sample color swatches from aerodyne of the zpx fabric. Take care.
  9. When I was going through rigger training, I was having a conversation with my instructor about the sky hook system as my primary rig is equipped with one. He mentioned that if the sky diver is spinning when he or she does a cut-away, if they happen to be spinning in a particular direction (can't remember which direction) that sky hook will disengage from the free-bag bridle and the system operates in old school mode. It sounds as they may have happened to you.
  10. Hi there, I'm a new rigger and looking to keep my skills up to par. So I'm looking for a reserve that's about a 150 in size so I can continue working on pack jobs. It doesn't need to be airworthy, I'm just looking for something to keep my mind and muscle memory up to date without having to use my main jump rig. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have anything for sale or trade. Thanks much!
  11. I'm in the process of building a tighter fitting suit. I bought two patterns at seattle fabrics. The first one is Jalie #992 which is a speed ice-skater suit and I also bought DK #80 a skiing stretch suit. Both Patterns look like they will work; however I'm going to try to copy my Merlin suit first and see how that goes. If you want a fast suit use a nylon like rip-stop on the front chest and legs. If you want something a little slower, use your lyrcra or Spandura all around. Use some cordura for butt and knee re-enforcement. I'm not sure exactly how I will add grips, I'll just shoot from the hip.
  12. Hi there, I'm a new jumper with 40 jumps. I'd like to mount my go pro camera on my helmet and then do my sky dives as usual. I'm not interested in trying to video others, I just want to turn it on in the plane and forget about it until I'm back in the hangar. If this is my intended use, should I be concerned about my low jump numbers and using a camera. I also plan to mount it to avoid snags with risers and such. It seems the experience reqirement is geared to camera flyers that are focusing on others in freefall which could lead to distraction. Thanks for your input or recommendations
  13. Hi there, I'm trying to find sky divers in the Port Angeles or Sequim area of Washington state. I'm hoping to find a few other skydivers that would be interested in chipping in on paying pilots to allow us to go jump out of there planes. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]