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  1. Only injury in 20 years of jumping was a fractured foot, which I got at a DZ party on the dance floor.
  2. dbcooper and Deb drdive Ladydiver madjohn monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd rafael wmw999 Szky and Jeanne AnalMike Elisha Aussiechick
  3. It was amazing last year, wish I could make it again, but too much else on.
  4. When I started jumping 18years ago, I was completely poor, so packed to help fund my jumping. I've always packed for myself, but now that I can afford it, I sometimes use a packer, especially if I'm trying to get in as many jumps as in a day as possible. No one is forcing you to use use one, but why do you care that other people do? Packers have always been around, and I'm pretty sure they aren't going anywhere!
  5. Some Sabre 1's will just open hard no matter how you pack them. I had a Sabre 150 that I bought new. Every opening hurt. Everyone at my DZ had a solution and was convinced their way of packing would fix it. No mattner who packed it or how it was packed it was the same. This was back before the recommendation was just to get a different canopy! Eventually I ended up with two compressed vertebrae and got rid of it!
  6. ***Depends on what part of Mexico. But even in the better parts, just like any other 3rd-World country (which it is), if I got hurt I wouldn't want my medical treatment there. Spoken like someone who has no real understanding or experience of medical treatment outside the US. The place that I fear needing medical treatment (even with travel insurance) is definately the US. Have you ever had medical treatment in a 3rd world country?
  7. LOL! Yep, the most dangerous thing that happened to me at the Skydive Mex boogie in Puerto Vallarta in Feb, was the unlimited margaritas and other assorted beverages that were included in the price!
  8. It was my home DZ when I started jumping, but I haven't jumped there regularly for 12 years. I still visit a few times a year when I'm in Sydney.
  9. Possibly best to deny that I know you, for sure. Doing Summerfest as well, won't be the same at the bar without you. Shame I missed you in HK, but I remember during that time it was almost impossible to keep up with which part of the planet you were on!
  10. Aussiechick DBCOOPER Dr Dive Kdub Kingbunky (50% chance at this point, might bring Jon) Ladydyver Lucky Mike Parker Mike Poulson Pattersd Spoon Finally going to make it this year! It will be my first LP so please be gentle! Vader almost convinced me to go with him after Summerfest last year, but I couldn't make it happen. I'll be coming from Hong Kong, so that for sure puts me in the lead for longest distance travelled.
  11. I had the same problem and it was a fault with the Pro Track. L&B are fantastic, contact them and they will probably just send you a new one.
  12. I haven't used a paper logbook for the last 300 jumps, but instead use the IPhone skydive log. It's one less thing to drag around the world with me! So far it hasn't been a problem, most DZ's are fine with it it, 2 weeks ago at Perris,they simply asked me to copy out the last few jumps onto a ready made log sheet which covers their requirement.