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  1. Went to Mile-Hi for my first ever jump on 8/29/2009 and absolutely loved it. The staff is friendly and make enough jokes to keep the atmosphere light, even as you're climbing to 12,500 feet in a tiny plane. :) My only complaint was that we had a reservation for 3:00 but didn't end up jumping until about 7:30. However, I guess this was due to an airshow at the airport running long that morning, so it wasn't their fault. Staff is friendly, funny, and know how to keep their guests' minds off the fact that they're about to jump out of a plane. Also, get the DVD/photo CD package! It's pricey ($100) but incredibly well-done and provides great proof to those who didn't think you actually went skydiving. They have a video person dedicated to each jumper that jumps with you and films you all the way through the free-fall and landing. They also tape before/after interviews of you on the plane and after you land. Overall, it was a great experience. If you've never jumped before and are on the fence about trying it, go do it! It took just about everything I had to climb onto that plane but I'll definitely be doing it again.