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  1. No takers? Okay, I made my own fixes for the date rollover bug (and for the encryption key update that Alti-2 sneakily snuck into their Y2K update). Update found here: Needs a little documentation but it seems to be working. Note that the 'master' branch is for Linux (via Mono), but there's a 'windows' branch for, well, windows. This is provided "AS-IS" with no warranty of any kind.
  2. Hello. For the past few years, I've been happily using Alti-2 Reader to download and back up the logbook and jump details from my N3. However, it seems like with the recent N3 update for the "logbook date rollover bug", Alti-2 Reader can no longer communicate with the N3 because Alti-2 changed the encryption protocol, almost deliberately to keep people out. Is anyone aware of an updated version of Alti-2 Reader somewhere, which gracefully handles both encryption schemes and date formats? I finally got a chance to sit down and figure out the new encryption, and things seem to be working. However, it is going to take some effort for me to clean up the code and make everything nice and backwards-compatible, and it would be silly to go through this effort if someone else already did it. So, before publishing my own fork of Alti-2 Reader, it would be good to know if anyone else out there already did. I've also been trying to get in touch with the original author of Alti-2 Reader (to send updated encryption code and to ask permission to publish my own version), but it seems like so far I've had no luck. Any ideas? Thanks! -Steve
  3. Raised by 300 ft ("A3") following discussions / recommendations during Safety Day, primarily due to terrain in the immediate vicinity of the DZ.
  4. No updates for a long time. Any idea what became of it? Is the author okay?
  5. skywombat

    Skydiving Video Games

    There exists "Wingsuit Lite" in the Android Market, which is quite decent.
  6. I can't imagine wearing the thing on landing. The vertical field of view is restricted quite a bit. I have a rule of pulling higher when wearing it (in case I need to rip it off my face to see better to deal with stuff) and I feel like pulling it off for landing is a must for me. Otherwise it is hard to get a feel for your glide path near the ground.
  7. To some people, 105 is just another number ;) But this is about the device, not the people marketing it. I only wish they release updates based on customer response. Maybe we can roll our own firmware, but an update file would be a good start for such efforts. I would settle for an option to swap for speed and glide indicators.
  8. I know someone who lost his while wearing them outside of the helmet, so make sure they are strapped down well. There may be a helmet clip you can use. Have not had issues with goggles flipping up, but they can shift around and make the screen hard to see. There needs to be an option to make glide the bigger of the two numbers. Seeing handles? With difficulty indeed. I pull higher to get extra time to deal with things. Arguably "flying like jeb" would make this program not applicable ;)
  9. 1.2 -> 1.4. I am still learning. But it is a learning tool. Glide increases right as I change body position. Winds were constant that day.
  10. My glide improved by 0.2 in two jumps based on seeing the glide on-screen and then asking for advice about how to improve that.
  11. Okay, I am stupidly tired right now, but for anyone who wants to try converting their data, the following may be useful. ZIP file: Github: That should convert the Recon DAYxxxx.RIB files into GPX files that you can load into Google Earth and see your flight. Just uncheck "Adjust altitude to ground level" when importing, or it won't be very exciting. Don't forget to install java. I'll write better documentation later ;). Also, I'll try to get drag-and-drop conversion for Mac working later (I don't actually own one). But if you're handy with Terminal, you should be able to do something like java -jar FlightConverter.jar DAYxx.RIB (Just copy the file off the HUD first). Windows users can drag-and-drop files onto Convert_Win and it should "do the right thing". Linux users - just launch the JAR file with RIB files as arguments. Maybe I'll turn this into a new thread later, but sleep is really getting the best of me right now. Steve
  12. I've got a GPX converter written and am told it outputs valid-looking results (it has been cloudy so I don't have my own data to convert yet). The converter is a straightforward C program and maybe I can put it into github soon, if I can ever get off work tonight ;) Windows and Linux users should be fine, but.... How hard is it to compile from source on a Mac, if there are no dependencies and if POSIX C APIs are used? I might just quickly rewrite this thing in Java just for that whole cross-platform aspect, to keep things simple for everyone. Thoughts? Edit: Yeah, I think I'll try to do a quick Java port, even though it is the only language I know of where 'byte' is a signed data type by default Edit more: Re-wrote the whole thing in Java today. It seems to work on my Windows VM, and on Linux. I tried to write a Mac OS launch file, which should work in theory, but I don't have a Mac to test it on. This needs a bit more testing, and I should be able to post it soon. Current output format is GPX but others should be doable as well.
  13. Ah, scratch parts of that. Looks like I am off on parts of the format. Each file looks like it can store multiple "runs" and I think I've got the flags better figured out this time. I will know more once I can actually put some jumps on the thing to check my decoded data, but the new test data I do have looks more sane. If someone wants to send me a DAYxx.RIB file to try and decode, I'll see what I can do ;) Note that this file contains your location.
  14. If I ever get some free time, maybe I will write a converter that does not rely on the lousy engage website to extract the data. Yes, it has some nice features, but the whole browser plug-in thing is less than stable, even when you use a supported OS. I still can't wait to jump the thing - where is the "make it sunny" button?