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  1. No worries! Hope you have a great trip!
  2. I think she was talking about altitude sickness
  3. Hi, my ex-girlfriend guided that trek very often, like 10 times in two years, and it is a very very hard trek for someone not used to that kind of activities. Also the weather can have some impact on your motivation, as rain and cold are common. But if you are in good shape and do it the right way, you should be able to do it. It is important not to expect it to be a walk in the park... it's not just a trek, is an ascencion, just not a technical one. If you can read french or want to see nice pictures (not only of africa) i suggest you look at website. It's an adventure travel company in Québec that offers some amazing trips and their website has a lot of information. In fact, i think it's the nicest website I have ever seen! The link to the kili trip is : What they do is climb mount meru to acclimatise, and then do the kili. Afterwards, they do a safari in the serengeti. they do the trip in 16 to 20 days depending if you do the safari or not. The acclimatisation climb of the Meru (wich gives you amazing views of the kili) makes the Kili a lot safer, and also gives you better chances to make the summit. Hope this helps!
  4. Another option, Basik's X-Fast low volume reserves in sizes 245 and 265 are rated up to 130kg (286.6 pounds).
  5. I'm pretty sure 2:50 is from the top exit, 2500m vertical. You say the "top exit"... is it true that Dean found his own unique exit point as the video implied, or is he just following others who opened it and jumped it before? Impressive either way, but there is a difference. I've not seen what Dean Potter has done with a wingsuit, but having seen some of the stuff he has done climbing, I'd say he doesn't need to follow anyone to find his own exit point, and there's not many people on earth that CAN follow him. IMHO It is way harder to become a good climber than to become a good wingsuiter. Being one of the best climbers ever + having the body shape and strenght he has, I would not be surprised to see him do some stuff that is "a bit tough to swallow". Like jumping from walls inaccessible to most, or reach new levels of flying performance. Again, just my opinion!
  6. I normally don't post, but wow, those are nice shots! Thanks for sharing!