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  1. Thanks everyone for your impressions, I guess I found my birthday present!
  2. I have a cookie Gas that I love, except for a few things. My main complaints with the GAS are that the visor can sometimes fog or get oily (probably the anti-fog treatment) in the plane, and that people don't hear you or see your lips. I'd also like the ability to keep my helmet from before entering the plane to exit in comfort. The new G2 seems to be fixing all the things I don't like about the GAS. Has any one tried one? What's your impression? As my head somehow doesn't seem to fit bonehead composite helmets and many other helmets I'd be really interested in this one! Thanks
  3. Yes, when I was there last spring there was a board in the hangar that said something about being banned and having your gear confiscated if you pulled below 2000'. I don't remember the exact words but it was made clear that low hook turns (I think it was no turns more than 90 degrees below 500') and intentional low pulls were prohibited. It is too bad he banned wingsuits instead of kicking out the offenders . I hope he changes his mind. At the end of the day it is his place and he can do whatever he wants, even if it is unfair.
  4. Any one else has the same problem? I'll be jumping my new storm 135 next weekend, and it's the first time I hear about that!
  5. What didn't you like about the storm 135?
  6. I've seen some disgusting shit but that was bad.... Then this morning I see this: it's a video of a woman killing a cat with high heel shoes. WARNING YOU PROBABLY DO NOT WANT TO WATCH THAT SHIT. I ALMOST PUKED WHEN I SAW IT. Anyone knows where to report that? Will it change something? It has been filmed in china from what I could find. Some people just need to be shot, like the title says.
  7. In many places wingsuits are still perceived as something accessible to a select few. In most places wingsuits are the exception, not the norm. There's not many people wingsuiting, while the requirements to start/try are very reasonnable. I mean every DZ has people with 200 jumps who never tried or even considered to try a wingsuit. On top of that there seems to be some rivaltry between some wingsuit manufacturers, between some wingsuit brand users and between people in different wingsuit disciplines. Nothing good can come out of that. How about a "Discover Wingsuiting" event? There coud be cheap or even free first jump courses for people with the necessary experience. All wingsuit manufacturers could be present (skydive expo style) to show people what they offer. There coud be load organizers for all kind of different disciplines, so people with some experience can try different things. If those jumps are filmed people could watch the videos in the evening to see what those different disciplines are all about. And if you don't have 200 jumps and can't try, well some wingsuit manufacturers could bring some tracking suits to demo. Who doesn't like a tracking dive? Also, give a free jump ticket or two to every wingsuiter that brings a jumper for a first jump course!
  8. Hi! I'm a canadian helicopter pilot. I can't help you much with school recommendations, but if you have any questions about the job (I'm doing mostly aerial work, and precision long line work, don't know much about corporate and other types of work) just ask, I'll be happy to help if I can. Helicopter pilot is not a job for everyone, but it can be the best job in the world! Good luck!
  9. I don't see why some people think they are ugly. In any case, even if you don't like the look, once you try one and feel how confortable they are you won't care what they look like!
  10. I too had to sell something I loved; I sold my dream motorcycle. Still miss the bike, but it was worth it. Paid my AFF and my new rig!
  11. Most of the people that think it's dangerous have never been to mexico. It's like people telling you how crazy it is to jump from an airplane I spent last winter there, came back at the end of april. Spent some time in sinaloa, tijuana, chihuahua... all the "dangerous spots". Well if you're not arrogant, if you don't travel around with your big camera and your gold chain, you'll be ok. Even more if you try to speak spanish. The food is amazing, lots of cultural life, nightlife is great... Only thing missing is good beer; theirs has almost no alcohol in it, but if you live in the states you're already used to that! Anyways they have good tequila! Have fun!
  12. My understanding was the 1700$ at the farm was for the 25 jumps (A-licence).
  13. About 8 hours away you have Skydive Chicago. Great AFF program and you will start jumping with a sabre 2 canopy and brand new container. They are known to be less conservative with the canopy piloting portion of their training. People there are very friendly, there's lots of loads every day and the instructors are very experienced. You can camp there for free, there's internet access, showers, bathrooms, a bar, 2 restaurants, etc. You can do your A licence in a week for a good price too. If you could drive a couple more hours there's Skydive the farm; best price anywhere for your A licence, amazing drop zone too and free bunkhouses/internet. Don't know about the instructors, so can't comment. Have fun!
  14. Call Chuting Star or Basik you won't believe how fast they answer!
  15. hard to believe but to this day Ducati still use desmodromic valve actuation! I love the black DR!
  16. Actually the 650 dual sports bikes can be good for long distance riding, and are excellent first bikes, if you are tall enough. I rode my KLR 650 all the way from Montréal to El Salvador, and my friend (on a DR 650) and brother from Mexico to Costa Rica. The riding position is relaxed, the suspension soft, and at the speeds they go the wind doesn't beat you up too much. We had no mechanical problems, and we could ride the highways, the trails or jump on the beaches whenever we wanted. They are tall, so you can see over the other cars, and can be a lot of fun in town, as you can go over curbs, potholes and speedbumps without even slowing down. Smaller ducati monsters (695, 750) are also a great choice. They are classy and sporty, but have a low seat and are easy to ride for beginners. And in a few years when you outgrow them you can trade for a real monster
  17. I received my brand new Seven a few days ago. The first seven in Canada supposedly! I'm happy with my decision to go with Basik instead of the more common choices. I really really like the magnetic freefly handle. Very secure but easy to pull out when needed. The padding on the harness is very comfortable too. Concerning the cutaway handle, I wasn't convinced on the hookable handle, so I ordered 2: one hookable and one soft handle. The container came with the hookable in place, and I have to say it is much better than I imagined. The handle is somewhat rigid, and it is not too exposed as it's not too thick. It is very secure in the harness pocket, so It would be hard to pull it out accidently, but would be very easy to pull when needed. I think I'll keep it! The container was shipped exactly on time as they told me when I ordered, and Jerôme at Basik answered my endless questions right away. Now that there's a dealer in the states (there was not when I ordered) it's even easier for people who want to buy one.
  18. It's a Coati. Quite common but really cool animal. It's in the same family as racoons. Sometimes you can spot them in large groups in the jungle, and it's a really impressive sight. They are not afraid of humans, and you can get quite close to them. Some people even take them as pets in some countries.
  19. HK P7M8 great little gun, extremely accurate for it's size, and really safe because of the type of safety used (squeeze grip). Extremely reliable too, never had any kind of malfunction with any kind of ammo.
  20. I'll receive mine in 3 days, can't wait to see it! I'll give you my impressions and some pics in a few days.
  21. Stieg Larsson's Millenium trilogy. They made a movie out of the first book, and I think one of the second too. I'm finishing the first book right now, and I really like it!
  22. vitriol

    TomTom xl340

    If you shop around you can find the tomtom Go630 (superior model) for cheaper than the xl340. The Go models are much faster, and many options that are disabled on the xl340 are enabled on the go series. Go models have bluetooth and memory card slot, while I think the 340xl has internal memory (not upgradable). only thing i don't like about the go630 is that it doesn't have the mexico map loaded in (have to buy it separately). It is loaded on the xl340. hope this helps! edit: I just saw the go630 on for 146$ , you might be able to find it for even cheaper.