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  1. Take a look at 2K Composites cutaway it works really well and can be fitted to any helmet and dose not cost the earth. It means you can use two ratchet straps which can only be a good thing.
  2. why do they all put the hypeye plug on the out side,The AV/R can brake so easily.
  3. Sorry not jet I have been away working, I hope to get it done next weekend.
  4. Sorry about that hear is a bigger picture. The box cost me £99.00 all in. I will post a picture when i have it mounted
  5. Just got my new CX155 box from 2k composites its a lot smaller than my old cx100 box. I chose this over the cookie box because the hypeye plug is inside the box where it cant get knocked and I can keep the strap on as well. The size is L 117 H65cm W65cm
  6. Hi aaron i jump with a fuzion ex with a chin cup as I find webbing straps really uncomfortable. I chose the fuzion because of the way it fitted around the back of my neck and the overall quality of the helmet. 2K Composites were very helpful, try giving them a call they may be able to help you to..
  7. Is it possible to make a cameye11 work on a cx105.
  8. I picked up mine at the AGM got it for a good price, and I'm sure if you contacted them there still some deals to be had. I picked up a lens two weeks after and got it at the AGM price.
  9. I have a 2k composites fuzion with a cx105 box on top. Its well built and fits great, defiantly worth taking a look.
  10. The hypeye cable is being modified by a friend I will post pictures when it is finished.
  11. Hear is the special edition carbon fibre fuzion from 2K Composites with a cx105 box and there new stills bracket shown hear with the portrait adaptor plate. Every thing is mounted using two Zkulls, the set up work very well.
  12. Hear is my 2k composites fuzion, they have made a small batch off them in carbon fibre it cost a bit more but I think it was worth it. I have the new 2KC stills bracket with the portrait adaptor plate and a cx105 box witch I forgot to get the box in a matt finish never mind, every thing is mounted using two Zkulls. I am having my Hypeye modified with a split in the cable so I can remove the camera box without having to unplug it from the camera.
  13. I have a fuzion with a 400d on top, mounted with a zkulls and a 2k composites stills bracket. Also mounted on the side another zkulls with a PC8 camera box. Its a good quality helmet and very comfortable.