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    Comp Velo v Valkyrie

    I agree that the openings are better if you're coming from freefall, but hop-n-pop openings are much the same, and the roll rate is ok... But the VC is a superior wing for swoop, especially accuracy. I've flown the VK and it's great, but I will be going back to my VC as soon as possible for accuracy. It's much harder to deal with water contact and is almost impossible to shut down on a dime with the VK. It has too much glide. I believe it's a great distance tool for those who don't have access to a Peregrine.
  2. piro686

    Comp Velo v Valkyrie

    I disagree.The VC flies much steeper as it doesn't glide as much at higher wing loadings. The VC is better for accuracy in a competition environment while the VK lacks true power- it just floats further with less power as it has the shape of a paragliding speed wing. The VC is better for water contact, as any unintended input on a VK will lift you off the water. After 9+ years of competition, using both a VK and a VC for accuracy, I believe that the VC is a superior wing for competition. That being said, they are both good wings, you just need to know that they are tools to be used. Pick the right tool for the job you want it to do.