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  1. Having been out at the DZ on 7-31-10 and 8-1-10, I have taken some offense to the last post regarding Skydive Greensburg and remarks about their groups outing. It is clear that the last post forgot to mention one thing...... weather hold. It is no fault of anyone at Skydive Greensburg that clouds move into the area and blanket the entire region for hours. I was asked rather sharply by someone clearly frustrated by the waiting, what was going on regarding scheduling, etc. I, along with a staffer, explained that safety is priority one, rainchecking was certainly an option, and I wanted/ needed to jump as much as possible. I also explained that Bob, and manifest staff, would put them up as soon as possible, but could hardly be faulted for weather. I'm glad to see the positive comments about the efficiency of staff, the zeal for the sport displayed, and the quality of video. Fact check.... you didnt pay 400, you paid roughly 195, video is optional, but yes it is extra. You also forgot to mention that your group likely got an additional discount because of the number of people in your group. Those of us who are drawn to the sport participate for a variety of reasons; one of which is to escape the daily stressors of life, work, and grumpy people. Having owned multiple business ventures myself, I would say that no business operates in a seemless manner at all times..... nor can you please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Remember ma'am, you left a moving aircraft from thousands of feet above the earth, and your instructor brought you down safely; an experience you will never forget........... AND made it look easy. Skydiving has been a continual learning and growing experience for me, and I would not be offended if you didnt return here to spout venom about something you know so very little about. I am not affilitated with the business of SGB, and am only giving my opinion as a regular jumper there. C-38157