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    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains

    I have jumped all of them. Sigma has the strongest flare hands down. Icarus has the lightest toggle pressure. A2's snivel and open soft. My two cents. Worth what you paid to hear it.

    Vigil 2+ Extreme

    ChutingStar replied and this item will be on sale shortly! Like this week ;-)

    Canopy oversteer

    I have no experience with a Springo but I do with the Stiletto. I am assuming it is a Stiletto clone. Oversteer is common on some elliptical high performance parachutes. It is inheriant in their designs. The Stiletto being one of those. I believe it is caused by the degree of taper on the leading edge of the wing, or maybe its the trailing edge. I am sure somebody with more knowledge can clarify exactly which edge.

    For TI's - When a tandem student wont jump.....

    I am a brand new TI and haven't had to deal with this yet, however I know how I would handle it. I would request a go around. I would attempt to calm the student down and get him/her to conquer their fear. If this fails, then I would politely explain that they would not be getting a refund and ask the pilot to land. It is the students choice, and you should never FORCE that choice. A gently nudge to get over the fear is one thing, but dragging a flailing tandem student out against their will is asking for trouble. That being said however I jump a 182 a lot and if the students legs are out on the step then "No,no,no!" sounds to me like "Go,go,go!" It is simply too dangerous to try to climb back inside the plane at that point, and they are going for a skydive wether they like it or not.


    I have a Samurai 136. I had Brian Germain install a pocketed slider because I have a bad neck from a motorcycle accident and quick openings suck for me. If you like a snivel I suggest having a rigger do this! Warning though it can take 1000 feet to open so don't be pulling low with one installed. Airlocks are awesome. As Brian has stated NO canopy is collapse proof, but all you have to do is fly one with airlocks and see that wing still inflated laying on the ground and my money is betting they are in fact safer. You can definitely feel how more rigid the wing is than an open cell type. The accordian effect that gave me that little uneasy feeling is gone. I still would not jump in questionable winds, but I feel more confident under my Sam. Brian has stopped major production unfortunately. Pick one up used while you can! I will update with flight characteristics later when I have more jumps under it.


    I demoed a Pulse 190 from PD and I love this canopy. Super soft openings that don't take 1200 feet to open. Easy breezy landings. This canopy has the ability to get you back to the DZ from a long spot. My only complaint is the color selection as the ribs and underside are all white and you can't have it any other way, for now. PD PLEASE change this! Oh yeah another bonus is it will pack up a size smaller!