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  1. Check out the San Jose Skydiving Center
  2. does anyone have the rigging manual for the Retal-Golff container?
  3. bear with me on this Im not good at explaining things in text form... once you have flaked all of your line groups and have flaked the tail, you carefully take the steering line groups and place them in between the c&b groups by wraping the steering line material of the tail around the c&d groups while making sure to keep everything straight (its not difficult in any way) follow the steps for each side quarter the slider, then I mate up my slider stows then pull the center of the tail up to the lines and gently push the nose into the center. roll the tail several times and cocoon like normal
  4. WHY? it is the way I was taught to pack he said it provides a gentle opening
  5. what measuring method are you using to come up with 1200ft ? thats a very crude figure. I throw at 3200 to be in the saddle by 2000. Im reading it off of my alti2, no high dollar gadgets for me. the spectre 170 is loaded about 1.1:1 and has 600+ jumps on it. opens fine every time (so far) I do tuck the steering lines in between the B's and C's and I do roll the tail several times
  6. the USA is so fucked up! over here he would be listed as a sex offender for life, as opposed as a drunken idiot. heavy fine sounds good to me as long as he dosent become a repeat offender. besides who has not tried to "cock slap" someone when they were drunk, I know Im guilty.
  7. I can ride my bicycle with no hands, can jump a mean pogo stick, and Im a shark when it comes to checkers. can I go, can I go!!!!
  8. lol, it would be a beer jump for me. no worries on the age thing, Im pushing 30. thanks for the info Zymurdoo, I only have 50-some jumps so I pretty much suck at all of the above listed items. maybe I should rephrase my question... would a CRW canopy course have any prerequisites on jump numbers, or abilities? I also noticed that they can provide a canopy, would my plane jane spectre 170 be worth a darn? (loaded about 1.1:1)
  9. pull silver instead it opens faster! good question. my spectre 170 takes about 1200 feet to open. I dont like that long delay either. Im gonna try the rear risers too.
  10. are there any minimum jump/license requirements to do crw?
  11. I didnt get a video of my first jump, wish I would have. on my first jump I looked like I was gonna poop my pants, Its cool to see a first jump full of smiles! ps- that "wolf howling at the moon" shirt is flippin rad!
  12. ... out there in the cold, getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me?
  13. star away from the "booger sugar" that stuff is not healthy
  14. I saw that it has been relisted with a starting price of $169,000. thats a bunch of crap cause someone did bid it at over $12k with no reserve. oh well good luck peadling your crap
  15. If you agree to accept a check payment, then do not send anything, gear or "change" before the check cleared. And be careful, if you manage to clear a fraudulent check then you may be liable for the damages if the bank finds out later. Make sure your bank authenticates the check. I hend send a send send a moped over seas about 10 years ago when the scams first started. he was skeptical but the bank told him that the funds were cleared and that he had the money. so he shipped the bike. the bank came back 11 weeks later and said "that certified check was bogus we need that money back and your account is now negitive.