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  1. RUN_FMX

    Karnage Krew - Gary Lucas

    Sorry to drag up the past, but I just came across some really old emails from 2010 from the beginning of my skydiving career when I paid Gary Lucas (his Sydney-based gear store was called Karnage Krew) $5,000 for a rig that I never received, which really slowed down my jumping for a while. I remember a few threads got started on here and it turns out a whole group of us got ripped off at the same time, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, and then he and his gear store disappeared off the face of the planet. Purely out of curiosity - did anybody ever run in to him again? Anybody get their money back? Or did his body turn up in a ditch in Mexico?
  2. Definitely feel for you! Firstly I would say its pretty important to be straight up honest with your doc or physio about what your doing, if you dont trust your doc enough to be honest with him/her then get a new doctor. I'm a lot younger than you (as in half your age) but a previous sporting past combined with a bit of bad luck has left me with arthritic pains I shouldnt have to worry about for 50 years: Snapped right ankle, snapped left tibia, snapped tibia again, ACL reconstruction in left knee, chronic tendonosis and torn patella tendon in right knee, broken rib, broken rib, broken rib, snapped collarbone, snapped collarbone again, cracked shoulder blade, x2 compressed vertebrae in neck, dislocated left wrist once and right wrist twice, a cyst has developed in my right wrist joint, 3 severe concussions and on top of all that I have a spinal disease that places huge load on my lumbar spine and is untreatable. All of this equals huge amounts of pain on a daily basis. But i actually find the worst pain is simply from lugging the rig around on my back. Joints all ache after a day of walking let alone skydiving, kickboxing, gymnastics, hiking etc. I guess what Im saying is you gotta know the juice is worth the squeeze. Provided your not causing any further damage by doing what ever, then you just have to decide if the pain at the end of the day is worth the life changing experiences your getting yourself into each weekend. Sorry i know im not much help. Stretch, exercise, yoga, diet, pills, big chutes, it will all help. Enjoy it now coz you cant when your in a retirement home...
  3. RUN_FMX

    Skydive Abel Tasman

    I can not say enough great things about Skydive Abel Tasman. I split my AFF training up between here and another great dropzone. From my very first point of contact with Lisa via email, to meeting and greeting the whole crew, right through to jumping with them I was made to feel right at home. This dz is located in one of the most visually stunning locations in the country where weather is generally amazing. As a student, perhaps the best part about SAT is the GIGANTIC landing zone – its almost impossible to land off. With a huge focus on sporties they have developed a name as being one of the greatest dz’s for any sportjumper to visit – you’ll never hear a bad word said. Also the home to NZ’s largest boogie ‘Good Vibes’. Pricing: A+, weather: A+, staff: A+, location: A+. Safety: A+, training: A+. Always try and get back for a few lobs whenever I can. What are you waiting for?