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  1. I'm not an expert but I've done a bunch of wingsuit flights. The opening (for me, at least) is a little softer cuz I will slow down a little horizontally but still be falling slowly vertically. It is still a harder opening than a hop-n-pop with very little delay.
  2. DAN0

    New V3

    Really awesome! Kitchen test flight seemed to go well.
  3. So.... No vaginas here? Damn.
  4. Too funny Look at me pops, i'm skydiving! Maybe I'l visit next year...
  5. ...as well as the rest of your YouTube channel. Awesome.
  6. You saw a documentary on wingsuits over 16 years ago? Rough guess on the decade part. I don't remember how old I was but it had to be before high school that I saw the documentery. I began skydiving at 20 and wingsuit flying at 26. So if I was (guessing) 14 when I saw it, then it would have been in 1996. So you are correct and the decade would be more like 5 - 6 years.
  7. [replyFirst I have find a way to pay for the 200 skydives thats like what $6,000+ cause a 25 skydive learning course is over $2,000 then you have to get to 200 skydives within 18 months. Then I have to buy all of the equipment which is at least $3,000. reply] Your pricing estimates are a little off but that's aside from the point- Just take one step at a time. Do one skydive, then sign up for a class. Enjoy the process. You will have so much fun that you probably won't worry about the wingsuit thing for a while anyway.
  8. A long time ago I saw a documentary on wingsuits. I loved it and I knew I would fly one some day. It took a decade before I even started skydiving, and another 6 years before buying a wingsuit. To sum up your questions, you need basically two things to begin flying: Wing pressurization and airspeed. There is a book called Wingsuits: Skyflyers in Motion that would explain everything to you (I just posted something about that yesterday but it really is good). Other than that- read the post from Antonija because that is the best advice you will get here. And that's coming from someone who was in your position before.
  9. I think that angles should be more important to a wingsuit flock than to FS/FF because of the fact that there are no docks.
  10. I am not an expert, but I had this same question when I first started flying my wingsuit. I was told that all of my current gear would work. My wingsuit owners manual says that for Skydiving, there is no need to get a longer bridle or bigger pilot chute. I believe the book Wingsuits: Skyflyers in Motion says the same thing. (Every beginning wingsuiter should have this book, in my oppinion) I would imagine that it would be different for BASE jumping, but I have no BASE experiance. I have never had any trouble with my normal pilot chute and bridle, but definately get some good advice. I was kinda also wondering what people were using out there...
  11. Nice You were very clear of the stabilizer and it looked like you didn't burn off much speed at all.
  12. The argument between DSE and FASTED3 is infinately entertaining to me because I believe they are both right. Obviously, a higher airspeed will put you into the tail (IF your wings are open) AND Obviously, it is possible to hit the tail in slower airspeeds (when your wings are open) So we all agree that keeping your wings closed is the best way to avoid a tail strike (Wingsuit Rule #1). With this in mind I don't think airspeed matters if your gonna hit the tail anyway if you exit with your wings open. Keep them closed until you see the stabilizer. The only argument would be: How fast does the plane have to fly in order to cause a tail strike to a jumper with his wings fully closed?
  13. I was trying to be careful of how I was phrasing my response. As soon as possible meant was intended to mean as soon as I'm clear of the aircraft and stabilizer. I didn't mean 'as soon as i'm out the door. ' I should have been more specific and said that although my head is into the wind, my wings are NOT open. I feel that if I am in a horizontal position, I will be flying better/ sooner than if I started in a vertical position. I was trying to say that I think that is what yuri was calling the 'american way.' Also, I gave no advice. I would never give skydiving advice on an online forum.