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  1. I read a bunch of older posts from 2006 about life insurance with State Farm. I recently applied and wish I had read those posts firsts. Does anyone know if they are still applying $1 or more per $1k of insurance? I'm not jumping very often. Would this affect this? Could I go back after the underwriting and explain I am taking a hiatus from the sport? Any thoughts?
  2. There are several riggers in the area. I think Brian Germain would be not too far. Maybe drop him a line.
  3. Skydive Orange is super friendly and the instructor are very professional.
  4. I jump a Pulse 260. It's surprisingly sporty for its size. As mentioned previously, use caution jumping a larger canopy in higher winds. If you decide to downsize in the future, it will def sell.
  5. So there are plenty of posts in the forums about the parameters of a student cypres fire OVER 1000 feet. My question is, would a 180 degree turn under 1000 likely provoke a cypres fire? Would this create a situation with enough vertical speed to exceed 29 mph?
  6. Really? Thats so neat and cool I now must buy one....perhaps an 84 would be good! LOL "Can you teach me how to swoop??? I would like for you to teach me how to swoop. I have 29 jumps..."
  7. At check out put in "Skydive Radio" in the coupon/promo slot and you get 5% off your total order. Thanks Skydive Radio!
  8. MINIMUM of 200 jumps before you consider jumping with a camera. Posted in the USPA SIM. Talk to a camera flyer at your DZ after 200 and I'm sure they'd have plenty of tips and safety procedures for you.
  9. I bought my first rig while still on student status, and while it works for me, I totally regret it. Wait and get your A, then start making expensive decisions. You'll quickly find that this is a very complicated decision. WAIT.
  10. Ah ok, this makes sense. It may take some getting used to, but I'll give it a try. It's not that I wouldn't change methods, its just this method has worked well for me personally. It does take me a bit longer to pack (not much longer), but I like being thorough. Thanks!