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  1. After a reserve ride, I demoed a Safire 2 from the gear store since multiple people told me they had awesome openings. It only took 2 rides for me to know that I was buying an Icarus canopy next. When I ordered my Safire 3, I knew that 1.6 was higher than they recommended, so I called NZ and asked why did they recommend 1.5 max. They said that at higher wing loadings the flare would suffer. I ordered it anyways because I was getting bored on the Hornet (Old pilot) I had loaded at 1.4. The openings were amazing, the turns were responsive, but the flare was unimpressive. I was kind of upset even though I had been warned. It seemed that if I did not use a front riser turn or double fronts, the flare was not that strong. However, I also noticed that I could not stall the canopy. So I had Nick Armstrong trim the brake lines 4.5" and man did this canopy come alive! Great Flare, super responsive and the same SOFT snively openings as before! I am so glad I bought this canopy now. I look forward to putting 500-700 jumps on this canopy!
  2. Kurupee and Ed are awesome! I am so glad that we were referred to you guys! I was worried when I read some of the old reviews, but for Kurupee today, these guys are spot on! I order 2 suits rush delivery and they arrived exactly 2 weeks from my order date, even though they shipped from South America! Not only that, they fit like a glove! Thanks to Ian for the referral! And a huge 5* shout out to Ed and Kurupee!
  3. brofox17


    I finally got to jump my customer ordered wings rig & it fits like a glove! I have the articulated harness, this is a must have, it makes the sitting position so comfortable! If I could change one thing, I would take advantage of the option they offer to move the closing loop to the bottom flap (you have to keep it pinned out the way when putting in the D-bag with the stock construction). But all-in-all, it fits great, looks great, & works perfectly! THANKS SUNRISE!
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    New Wings Rig

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    New Wings Rig

  6. I did my AFF here, the guys are friendly, knowledgable, and just fun to hang out with. Pat, the owner, does it all from tandems to packing, Pete is an extremely knowledgable canopy pilot & instructor, and Kurt shoots awesome video. I have seen some bad tandem videos by other dropzones, but Kurt's videos and flying skills are 2nd to none. If you are doing a tandem, you have to get the video, you won't regret it! Huge safe landing area and a great environment. So if you're in the area, head out to SkydiveSac at the Lincoln airport in California.
  7. I have a Triathlon 190 and I am at a 1.16 wing loading. This canopy is very stable on opening when the nose is rolled 3 times on each side. It only takes light pressure to plane it out with the rear risers. However, you have be in slow flight (with brakes) before using the front front risers (they take a lot of pressure to pull - be sure to have dive loops if planning on using front risers). Flight characteristics on front risers are not the greatest. Takes a long time to stall in deep brakes, very predictable. It is definitely not a high performance canopy, however, you can get some spinning generated when hanging on a toggle for a couple seconds. It does not have the best forward glide, more of a sinker. Also, flair is ok, but not great - especially on hot days. Overall, a predictable, safe canopy. Update, if I wrap the toggles once, the flare is much better! Also, if I fly with a weight belt, 1.25:1 wingloading makes it flare better without wraping the toggles.
  8. brofox17


    I don't know why there are such bad reviews on this helmet. I got one used for a great deal and have never had problems with it. A friend of mine has been flying this helmet for years and he recommended it to me. I love how easy it is to latch down. The prior reviews about the plastis coming off could be due to improper install of the face shield, they are very specific on sky systems web site, they even say that problems will arise if not done properly.