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  1. I think that's kind of a blanket statement. I doubt the Katrina victims or the kids charity organizations she runs feel that way. She also gives a lot to returning veterans and their causes. She sure doesn't incite hate within me but then again that's just me. People may not like what she has to say and that is fine. When people start really name calling they are speaking in contempt of somone. Not criticizing but in actual contempt which is an attempt to put that person on a lower plane than themselves. But like you said, it's an interesting society-- to say the least.
  2. People can not like someone but the nasty name calling is what gets me. I don't know why some are so threatened or afraid of her. People who constantly use foul language to attack someone do so because they don't know what else to say. This isn't directed at anyone- just an observation.
  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! xxxxxxxxooooooooooooo
  4. The baby is napping and the house is clean. I'm here to help.
  5. Bob Barker himself said he wanted her to host it. If she's good enough for Bob...
  6. LOL We are right there with you. Taking Willem (19 months) out to eat is getting nearly impossible. We usually ask them to bring his food out early that way he is "busy" while we wait. Forget about the crayons they give out. He just likes to throw them across the room. It's hard because it's just that stage they're in. Sometimes I'll walk him around while Papa eats and then he'll walk him around while I eat[.crazy]
  7. How tall are you*** 5'5"
  8. I'm going to watch it. Should be interesting. I think it depends on the individuals involved with the relationship as far as age is concerned. I think that age does matter to a point. A younger guy might want kids and honestly a woman in her forties might have trouble getting pregnant. Then again, I'm 37 and will get pregnant if you wink at me. edit to add... If I were single I would be very reluctant to date a guy more than five years younger than me. Just my preference.
  9. That's great! Pensacola is my hometown and most of my family is there. Needless to say I met my ex husband there while he was in flight school. Pensacola is a cool little town. She'll have a blast.
  10. A protein bar followed by a glass of wine. Had a big lunch though.
  11. I had asparagus tonight. The answer is yes.
  12. Take a deep breath. This too shall pass. Free and low cost ways to beat boredom with the two year old. Libraries usually have toddler storytimes that are absolutely great and fun for the kids. Also, an endless supply of free books to check out. Barnes and Nobles is another great free activity. You can read the books to the baby and play with the stuffed animals and trainsets they usually have. Petsmart or PetCo are great too. You can go look at all of the rabbits and fish, turtles, etc. We do this at least once a week. Again, doesn't cost a dime. Going to Mcdonald's to give the baby an ice cream costs about $1.00. Sometimes I'll take him to the mall because he loves to look at the fountains and all of the people. Can't leave the mall without a cookie for him. $2.00. Lots of fun stores to look in as well. Pottery Barn kids always has puzzles out and kitchen playsets. Just a fun change of scenery. Also check gocitykids.com and see if your city is listed. They list everything you can possibly imagine to do with the kids from museums to parks. I know this doesn't really help your situation but just some ideas you may be able to use.
  13. My ex husband was in port in Japan at one time. He called me from a payphone and left his sunglasses there. When he returned hours later looking for them they were still there. My ex husband was on base at the gym and put his sunglasses on top of the lockers while he worked out. He returned one hour later and they were gone.
  14. That is really dependent upon the market and the area. We made $150,000 profit on a home we owned for four years. We bought at a good time and we sold at a good time.
  15. Oy Vey Never mind. Have a nice day.
  16. Wow.. that is profound. I'll remember that for any and all of my future postings.
  17. That's just your assumption honestly. It's easy for misunderstandings or miscommunications to happen online.
  18. I honestly don't get why everyone is jumping on the OP. People ask all kinds of questions on dz.com from healthcare to marriage advice to lawyer advice. I've seen plenty of Any lawyers ? or Any doctors? threads and no one says a word. Of course, we all know we should just go to our own lawyer or our own doctor but sometimes people want more reassurance. And honestly, what if the OP couldn't take the dog in right away because they have to wait till payday or something. People need to lighten up a little bit but that's just me.
  19. Oh I loved that. Mom didn't want him joining the Army and going to Afghanistan because "there's a war going on." Let's just keep him right here following in Tony's footsteps and his war. That's a fun, safe life.
  20. ***Mine says "Libra". I don't think I know any. *** I'm a Libra Mine says my true love is a Cancer My husband is a Pisces born on Feb 29. I think I'll keep him anyway.
  21. I just got back yesterday from T-town after attending my daughter's orientation at FSU. I have to agree with the other poster about Harry's. Tasty!!
  22. Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!
  23. and you Come on Scott- DZ.com is a study of anthropology. You are 100% correct though. don't call, don't write..