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  1. I agree that 14 is too young to have a cell phone. My 13 yr old daughter wants one.....for what I don't know because she doesn't go anywhere without me..LOL However.....I do think that as they enter their teenage years we should also pick our battles.... Is it really a huge deal that he has one? ......is it affecting him negatively?....I told my daughter that if she really wanted one then she could buy the phone and pay the monthly bill.... she decided it wasn't that great of an idea..
  2. I've been to stripclubs with my husband before and had an absolute blast. The lap dances I got were way better than the ones they gave him...
  3. 7-11 coffee... 4 packs of splenda and two french vanilla creamers
  4. Lower Alabama??? That sounds like my hometown....wouldn't be Pensacola, would it?
  5. Fess Parker Chardonnay...... mmmmmmmmm good to the last drop..
  6. That's awesome and I'm very jealous.. I took my FJC this weekend.....and then today-- I rode up with the plane....I rode back down with the plane. Hopefully, I'll get to where you are one day. Have fun.
  7. I have my belly pierced and 3 tattoos..... butterfly on the small of my back......celtic band around my ankle......and my husbands initials on my lower, lower, abdomen.
  8. I totally agree with that... The Jeff Corwin experience.....yummy
  9. okay......I can tell you what my tandem master did to me on my first tandem. We're in the airplane..I'm scared..beg to get off of the plane..he convinces me to ride up and that If I can't do it then I can always ride back down. When the light goes on and everyone starts leaving, I told him there was no way. He said "let's just get to the door, I want you to take three deep breaths and then if you still don't want to go we won't go." So..it's all good...I'm thinking there's no way in hell I'm going. We get to the door and he tells me to take my first deep breath...well.....then he just frikkin jumped out!! I never got to take another breath. I'll love him forever for doing that
  10. and Steve is pretty cute for a croc hunter.......those Aussie accents drive me crazy
  11. well...i do cook and drive them to various music lessons between my shopping and manicures
  12. I admit it... I saw the movie....
  13. Hellooooooooooooo......... my name is Kristen and I'm a stay at home mom/ lady of leisure
  14. I just got a frantic call from my mother in Pensacola, Fla today who read that article in the local News Journal. She was in tears begging me not to skydive saying that "if an instructor was killed then surely I would die too because he knew what he was doing and I do not." AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hmmm...and for me...... he knows who he is....
  16. SkyDive Suffolk......great place....great people! About 45 mins. outside of Va Bch. check website.....www.skydivesuffolk.com
  17. LOL..... yeah... but I'll be strapped to someone
  18. misskriss

    Freefall sucks!

    When I did my tandems, I absolutely LOVED the freefall part of it. That is what brought me back again and again....it's the canopy ride that wigs me out. That's when I'm thankful I'm strapped to hunky tandem master. Hopefully I'll get over that fear for AFF tomorrow..
  19. We Navy wives LOVE to read that stuff......YIKES!!
  20. Thanks for the encouragement and support....really helps to hear others views.. Here's hoping I go for it!!
  21. So, I'm not a real skydiver....only tandems so far. Here's the thing. Scheduled to start AFF this coming Saturday. I have 3 children......my mother says I'm being selfish..too dangerous for a mother of 3....what if something happens....etc. My husband is semi supportive. I've had such a blast doing tandems and just wonder if by continuing am I only thinking of myself. Any other parents of young children have the same concerns or get the same flak from family? Guess I'm looking for permission.. give it to me
  22. God Bless America and my husband who is out there fighting for all of us right now whether you believe in it or not.