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  1. 8ish.........9ish... start chilling the vino
  2. i'm not kidding.... k...we'll break out the Nirvana tonight..
  3. Next month?? That soon........duuuuuuuude.
  4. ROFL that has been removed..smartass..
  5. let's seeee Puddle of Mudd Dixie Chix Soundtrack from Shrek ColdPlay Jimmy Eat World JLO
  6. you know what i like..same stuff you got last time.
  7. was it a whole month ago??? geez..whatcha doing tomorrow night?
  8. hmmmmmmmmmmmm........ i guess you don't remember that night...
  9. ummmmmmmmmmmm hellllllllllooooooo........Wendy is cooking biggggggg..you're gonna miss out
  10. Sent 35 Received 39... you know who you are keeping me from working..
  11. misskriss


    My youngest is 8 and I still can't resist looking at baby things...
  12. LOL......no kidding......he is still flying them.....with the (deleted sqadron name or he'll kick my ass).. don't tell anyone ..but they busted a tire on landing in Jax yesterday...woopsie..
  13. I knew I was in trouble when I was excited that Febreze started making a clean wash laundry aid. my husband would come home from flying F-14's all day... he'd ask me how my day went... I washed the dishes again....I did the laundry again... mopped again... however...I have jumped out of an airplane and he hasn't.. I'm also resigning my homemaker status now that the kiddies are all in school and I'm going to become a massage therapist.. Yay for me!
  14. sorry.....not computer literate..
  15. http://www.planetsalsa.com/
  16. He may not realize it now, but he will..... structure and discipline are the best forms of love you can show him. I know it has to be hard, but your love for him is evident...taking the "bad guy" role to keep him safe and cared for. It's easy to give in to your child's every whim. Sounds like she is trying to "buy" his affection.