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  1. I'm the same way. I hug and kiss on everyone. I LOVE everyone.. usually gets me into trouble though..
  2. i was too embarrassed to spell it out..
  3. in my house we just use C*ck and P#$$y..guess we're vulgar..
  4. wow.....that's impressive.. have i seen you in Oxygen before?
  5. well next time you're in va bch, we'll go dancing..
  6. not at all.....I can two step with the best of them
  7. I'm drinking Michelob ultra again... the kids are out trickortreating with friends....the husband is flying...so here I sit, beer in hand..
  8. and it's Halloween.... good reason to drink beer
  9. well there you go!! Good for you!
  10. the key question would be.....do you like nascar..
  11. misskriss


    i actually have the video.....if you want, you can have it. I've seen it enough and still haven't applied it.. anyway..pm me your address if you'd like
  12. misskriss


    Michelob Ultra... the low carb/low cal beer...
  13. Rooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxannnnnnnne.........you don't have to put on the red lighttttttttt
  14. misskriss

    Most wanted!

    stick to your imagination it's usually right on..
  15. misskriss

    Most wanted!

    you know where you're wanted..
  16. I'm going as Lara Croft this year... still trying to find a good pair of guns
  17. hmmmmmmmmmmmm..........is Mr. Parker involved?
  18. actually....... i remember i heard it on the radio driving my daughter home from school..