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  1. Man!!! Every time I was at Spaceland I made a jump with Gary! We usually ended up on the ground chatting after a few jumps because of his ear and my NO HIGH WIND rule... So sad. What a great guy and great skydiver!! Fly Free Gary! Blue Skies Always Kelly aka Fire Fox 2 Quote
  2. Thanks... Sorry it was so long. I had to get my thoughts out and did not plan to defend myself. I am a smart person actually and what I posted was not intended to win an English/Grammer award. This was a huge deal and I have been really torn by it. I now feel certain that 1) he is not malicious, 2) I trust his skills and would give him a 2nd chance and jump with him, 3) I think he had a temporary lapse of sanity and did not fully think through the degree of danger his actions would cause, 4) the jumpers on that jump and not on the jump, have every right to feel the way they do, 5) People deserve second chances, maybe not in a bigway or record setting, 6) what happens is in his hands as far as making this right in the community.
  3. Makes me sad. I am actually shocked that he did that. He preached safety prior to that jump. I think he is beating himself up, just like the comment said in the video. He was kicking himself on the drive home, sorry he did it, was not thinking of the potential consequences, etc... Yes he did post that comment after that in that forum claiming to be pissed at them for breaking the record, but maybe he was struggling with what to do about his PUBLIC image and again, made a terrible choice. I do not know him as well as some of you, but have been around him at Spaceland and boogies.. I think that the people on the jump are the ones that should talk about the dangers on that jump, which some did. I did see comments from some world known bigway organizers that I hold in the highest regard, saying they lost ALL respect for Simon for the danger he caused.. I used to jump with someone that (we believe falsely) got a tandem rating and put peoples lives and regular up jumpers lives in danger every weekend. INTENTIONALLY! Several intentional low to the ground attempted (some successful) canopy collisions. Crazy Crazy unsafe exits and flying with tandem students despite repeated warnings from the S&TA.. Finally enough jumpers reported him AND 2 wrote up the intentional canopy collisions on or near the ground and the USPA pulled his rating.. From what I hear he has been trying to get hired as of late so maybe he got a rating again? But anytime a DZ calls, his name is out there and he does not get hired... So, that guy did things every weekend. Simon did this once. I know it must have been bad based on people I know's comments. I just do not know if I think he deserves to be banned for life. I am torn here. Can jumpers list more times? I do agree that the unsportsmanlike conduct which led to his dangerous decision was the original problem and THAT is something that may be a part of him.. If so, then maybe that conduct could cause another dangerous decision.. Banned from jumping for life? I dunno.... No record jumps? Ok, no bigways? Ok Could he apologize, earn back trust, find a DZ to give him a chance and let him start back small again?? I think so. He was very highly respected before this. I have seen him in the tunnel and many videos of jumps and DAMN.. I think it is possible to make one conscious decision but not actually being in a sane state of mind that day, to know the chain reaction you set off, could end or ruin lives. You learn probably the biggest and most costly lesson of your life. I believe in second chances if you go about it the right way. The other jumper I mentioned, he deserves being banned for life!!! That is my input and I never comment in here. I rarely visit here but had so many ask me about Simon, I wanted to see what the community vibe was.... :( I personally would do one on one sit fly coaching with him. I do not think he had conscious intent to harm or kill anyone. I think it hit him very shortly after, how badly that could have gone. I have never gotten a vibe of him being a harmful evil person. I think his own personal HELL from this experience will be the worst he has to endure. When you realize how costly that stupid mistake was and you would give ANYTHING to undo it... Had he injured someone, he likely would have quit on his own, I think anyway... Please do not bash me. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it. I respect everyone else's here and some valid points were made. Thanks
  4. you are funny ;) Why is it the ONLY DSE had access to this info????? Does OBAMA have clearance??? just curious
  5. I heard of this dz from a friend and decided to visit since it is very close to my hometown of Eunice. It's a small dz with a lovely cajun, southern hospitality type environment. They welcome new upjumpers and made us feel instantly at home. They are NOT a tandem factory! They have a good balance of tandems and fun jumps. The landing area is so wide open, you don't even have to really LOOK for a spot ;-) The staff is so down to earth yet very knowledgable and professional. I had a great experience and definitely plan to return there for more jumps. If you are in the area or near, I highly recommend visiting the dz even if you don't make a jump. Great bunch of people!!