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  1. skiggy22

    Skydive The Farm

    The weather was bad here in KY so a couple of us decided to give the farm a try. We were highly impressed once we arrived. We were greeted by several people and showed the dz and manifest. I had forgotten my altimeter in KY and they lended me one no questions asked. After sitting out a load and getting a feel of how things were done there we manifested and were in the air in no time. The aircraft was great, gotta love the otter. Everyone was friendly and asked us to join in on several loads. My girl friend had a bad landing here and everyone was concerned and ready to help her. The students and tandems were treated well here. The beer rules are enforced too! This a a great fun place for an up jumper to make several loads! I will be returning to the farm soon! Oh an fyi if you are drinking don't leave the dz the local police don't like skydivers
  2. skiggy22

    Skydive Arizona

    I went to Eloy for Spring Break of 2010 and was expecting a giant drop zone with a lot of planes where I would get little attention. Well I was wrong we were welcomed better than at our home DZ and got a lot of help from the locals. People to jump with were abundant and we made a lot of friends. You dont have to wait long for a load. Skydive Arizona was just awesome. We are planning to go every year from now on, just a great DZ with great people and great weather!
  3. skiggy22


    I got a Nitro 150 to demo, I have to admit when I took it out of the bag I was intimidated. I had been jumping a Pilot 168 and wanted a little more from my canopy. The Nitro is loaded at 1.39 for me and I love it. Toggles are responsive, risers respond well to input and require little pressure to start a dive and once in a dive you can hold it for awhile. The canopy flys like a dream. My first jump on it was on a day with winds at 2 mph gusting to 5 mph. I landed it without having to run it out. The Nitro has a whole lot of flare and is easy to stop at the bottom end. The next weekend I flew it in 18 mph winds gusting to 21 mph and if was rock solid in turbulence. I love the Nitro it was what I was looking for responsive when you want it to be and conservative when you need it. Its a great canopy and HiPer USA's support and demo program is top notch.
  4. I cannot say enough for how great an environment this DZ has. We were greeted show the ropes and in the air in twenty minutes. The staff and up jumpers were really welcoming and ready to answer any questions. Manifesting is easy, prices are great and you never have to wait to get on a load. Plenty of up jumpers to jump with. A truly great DZ.