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  1. My hubby is Paul Stanford, the big and tall bald headed guy with the goatee
  2. He jumps as much as he can...sometimes he has as much as 16 tandems to do in a day. We try to squeeze in as many jumps as we can. This past weekend I got "grounded" after 3 jumps, 3 jumps x 2 people tends to hit the good old pocket book a bit hard, especially when I am still renting gear. :(
  3. Don't know if I can put this here...but Looking to buy my first rig...looking for a main of 190 (to start with). Used preferably! Any leads would be greatly appreciated. This size seems really hard to find.
  4. My husband has been an instructor (AFF and Tandem) for several years at Skydive Greensburg, IN. He tried very hard to get me into the sport 7 years ago. I started the AFF class...did a few jumps...started over thinking it...stopped. I have now completed my AFF class (Hop & Pop on July 4th)!!! Since then, he and I have started jumping together. It's a blast! We just made 3 jumps yesterday. My second jump after coming off AFF was awesome. Landed within 5 feet of the targeted area on my own, off radio. I can't wait to get in the sky again next weekend!