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  1. Being a Pilot and familiar with most of the Florida DZ's I can't think of a solution and I don't think i'd try the swoop ponds
  2. captain1976

    The Legend of Roger Nelson

    I thought I read somewhere where Roger and his brother Carl made their first jumps at Camp Lake Airport in Wisconsin
  3. captain1976

    Mirage G4

    Wow, what a nice rig - great fit, comfortable and super customer service
  4. captain1976

    1 ring risers

    Not me, got a photo?
  5. captain1976

    Current delivery time for Mirage...

    Call them, I'm sure they will give you an idea if not the scheduled completion date
  6. captain1976

    Busiest american dz's in february??

    Don't know about the other DZ's, but here at DeLand you can always get on a load. Come on out!!
  7. Sound like simple adjustments your AFF instructors will deal with in your training. I'm not the best one speak here being so far distanced from the training that goes on today, but being an active current skydiver I see this sort of thing addressed and corrected often. Maybe some qualified AFF instructors can ofter more here. Good luck and welcome to the sport
  8. captain1976

    This "2-stage flare" thing

    I am not an instructor anymore, I leave that to the younger crowd, but can you please explain the 2 stage flare? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sound like a procedure where you slow the canopy down with brakes prior to the full flare.
  9. captain1976

    torn leg strap?

    Just type "harness failure" in the search engine. There is some interesting reading there
  10. captain1976

    Tandem statistics?

    Thats a tough one. I know USPA requires their DZ's to report Tandem malfunctions, however I don't know whether they also require totals. Someone here should know. You also have the non-USPA DZ's. Good Luck
  11. captain1976

    Cheapest lodging at Major DZ's

    I would check out their web sites, they should show the availability and area motels.
  12. captain1976


    They make a great rig. Love the velcro riser covers. Tuck tabs are a real problem as they age. Got 500 jumps on mine and have no complaints. Tore up a panel on a crash and burn, sent it in and they fixed it in 1 day. Great company, great support.
  13. captain1976

    Winter Jumping in MI,OH,IL

    The closest place I know that's having winter jumping is Eastern Tennesse. Its really not all that far from Ohio. They also got a Pac750.
  14. captain1976

    Skydiving mojo

    Mojo, Most of us who have spent any number of years in this sport have experienced the grief you are experiencing now. Loosing someone close to us in a jump related incident leaves all kinds of chaotic emotions. The first few weeks are a real bitch and say whatever they may about grief being a normal human emotion, I personally hate it. Its a very depressing time and there's always that feeling that you really won't get over it. Grief really does suck. Every jump we make has an element of danger, and this danger makes many of us think about what would happen to family members if we had an accident. My own Mother says she worries about me and dreads the though of that phone call, but I tell he to remember that I am doing what I loved to do, and if this sport takes me, please understand the years of enjoyment and the family of people I've met was well worth any risks. Blue Skies