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  1. I like my Tarmac, but you might want something like a Roubaix for around town, it'll ride smoother on the potholes ;-P
  2. Your next two paychecks and half of every paycheck after that
  3. After cutting the cable to length (with a cable cutter, a REAL cable cutter) heat it carefully with a flame and smooth it out with your fingers so that there is no snag point at the bitter end.
  4. you'd be better off doing 2 ways with an experienced jumper, when you are doing solos at your stage you could be moving all over the sky without realizing it.
  5. $10?!!!! I've paid $20 to ramp launck my 20' barefoot boat!
  6. I jumped one at about 1.8:1 but only for meby 8 jumps. It flew fine, landed fine. YMMV
  7. For those of you that haven't jumped there, Kolomna is a WORLD CLASS dropzone right up there with Chi, Spaceland and DeLand. If you get a chance to jump there DO IT.
  8. start lifting weights, you will learn that there are a lot of shoulder injuries in this sport. just get some 5lb weights and start working shoulders to start, then get into bench and the rest of the upper body weights.
  9. Jan has covered a ton of this, no need to re-invent the wheel: http://http://makeithappen.com/spsj/
  10. no mention of the most common packing error. Step through.
  11. nothing personal, but I believe that those requirements were part of your license test. Downloadand review the SIM from here: http://www.uspa.org/Portals/0/Downloads/Man_SIM_2011.pdf
  12. http://parachutistonline.com/columns/foundations-flight/barrel-roll Really?.....Really?
  13. 36 Tomalas bay oysters, shuck and slurp!
  14. if your girlfriend can close it it's too loose.
  15. http://www.lazzari.com/ There is nothing else
  16. Daytona Beach Airport (DAB) is only 15 minutes from DeLand.